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Travel Insurance for safari

What to consider while choosing Travel Insurance your African safari

When you choose to travel to Africa for a safari, truth is that whichever destination you go to, you will get the best out of every activity. This safari usually comes with have nature walks, getting to a closer range with wildlife, climbing mountains, rafting, boating safaris, exploring the savannah plains and a lot more that comes with whichever kind of safari you choose. As you plan all the above on your to-do list while in Africa you should put into consideration Travel Insurance.

Well travel insurance is may not be the highlight of the safari but it is just as important as any other activity you have on your list. Below is why you should care about having Travel insurance for your safari;

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Why to consider Travel Insurance

Considering Insurance is not about how careful you plan to be during the safari, but it is important that you have a travel insurance policy every time you plan to travel especially when you are going to another continent.

Yes! Safari destinations are safe, but just like things happen home it’s possible for them to happen in another continent. The different here is, when you are in another country which is not home, it is usually hard to arrange for treatment, care or any solution in case something goes awry.

Therefore that is why when you have a travel insurance policy you are so sure that just in caseof anything, you are covered and not only that but you have a peace of mind while on your safari, hence you have enough time to have funand relax during your trip.

Even if travel insurance is important, it doesn’t mean you can choose any, you should know that travel insurance is not equal henceyou ought to choose the one that fits the kind of journey you are going for with full coverage of your safari.

What your Travel Insurance should cover

As earlier all you need for your safari is the insurance policy that is offering enough coverage and below are 6 options you should take into considerations as you are looking on which the travel insurance should cover.

Travel Destinations– Before you get an insurance policy ensure you communicate to your agency to ensure that you will be covered for every destination you will visit because there are some areas that are not covered in standard travel insurance. Therefore it is important you make research about every area you are visiting.

Medical–It is good to have medical considered as you are travelling to another country, this doesn’t mean that you are going to be injured or fall sick, it is important to have it. Ensure that you have enough medical coverage because the basic one usually covers for minor illnesses or injuries, so just in case of an extensive injury or accident, you know you are fully covered.

Medical Repatriation– This is costly and more like an emergency; it includes things like airlifts and medical evacuations back to your home country.You are advised to at leastmake a small fee towards it.

Activities–In most cases the medical insurance doesn’t cover some activities like hot air balloonsafaris or white water rafting and other adventurous activities, therefore as you plan to travel with your family or friends to engage in any of these activities ensure that your insurance policy covers for them.

Curtailment and Cancellation– African safaris are not that cheap, therefore ensure that the insurance policy covers for trip curtailment and cancellation. This because you might cancel your trip before you return or travel homeunexpectedly.

Game Viewing–In most cases, those travelling to Africa usually have a must see on their list and it’s mainly the Big 5 and other amazing wild animals available. Because of this it is important that you tell your insurance provider about the type of safari you are heading for, and ensure the policy covers for the major activities such as game drives and nature walks/walking safaris.

Personal Belongings– We all know as you travel you will be having your own belongingssuch as large sums of money, camera among there valuable equipment for the safari. There is a possibility of may be losing or forgetting your luggage somewhere. Soensure that is also covered for and think about how much your belongings are worth before you go on to sign the agreement.

And Ensure That…

You share your correct age and any health conditions to the insurers, because this affects the recommended policy for you and the total cost. Also ensure that you read the policy in its entirety such that you don’t missout in anything indicated by the insurers.

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