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Best Time To Visit Namibia

Best Time To visit Namibia

Namibia is located in the southern part of Africa. Half of Namibia is covered with the Namib Desert and this is one of the few things that make it a beautiful country worth visiting. It was a German colony before and when you visit the country you will be able to see the historical architecture that was left behind when they got their Independence.

Namibia is an all year round place to visit due to the different activities that one can carry out when they visit the country although if you have specific activities that you want to carry out, there are specific periods and months that you can visit the country to carry out these activities.

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From December to March ( low season)

December to March shows off the summer season and during this period, the heat experienced in the country is always over 40 degrees Celsius making the heat unbearable. During this period, there are always free travellers in the area and if you do not enjoy large crowds, this is the best time to visit Namibia. The different places that you can visit during this period include

The skeleton coast National park

The skeleton coast National park deliver it’s name from the large numbers of stranded whales and ships that have wrecked and are found in the area. It also has a variety of fish species that one can enjoy when they visit the area.

The Namib- Naukflut National park

The Namib- Naukflut National Park is located in the largest reserved area in Namibia. It should however be noted that most parts of the park are not accessible to humans. There are several highlights that you can enjoy when you visit the Namib-Naukflut and these include:

The Sossusvlei

The Sossusvlei is one of the largest salt pans and is known to be the major tourist attraction in the Naukflut National park, also sand dunes and a 30 meters deep canyon into the ground. These are exquisite sites that one should not miss as they drive through the park.

The Namib Desert

The Namib Desert is one of the world’s oldest Desert in the world and it is located at the border of the National Park and it also covers the Western part of Namibia. When you get to the Namib Desert, you will be able to view the large orange San dunes which are at a height of 300 meters and enjoy the Desert motor bike riding. The Namib Desert has temperatures that are very hard to predict so to be on the safe side you should carry appropriate clothing that will protect you from the scorching sun and the sand stones that are blown by the winds.

Fish River Canyon

The Canyon is a home to more than 200,000 Bird species and is located in the Northern part of the park. Its stretch is 800kms, making it the second largest in the world. and some of the Bird species that are found in the area include the sea birds, the lesser flamingos, pelicans, cormorants and other Bird species.

The Naukflut mountains

The Naukflut mountains are found in the Eastern part of the National park and they are over 2000 meters . You can enjoy hiking up the mountains and get a clear view of the Namibia Desert when you reach the peak of the famous Naufkflut Mountains.

From April to June ( Rainy Season)

This is a very good period of game viewing due to the rainy seasons that are coming to an end and the beginning of the dry season especially in May. This is the time when you will be able to see greenery in the country due to rains received in the area. This is the best time to visit the National parks for those who love game watching.

A visit to the Namib- Naukflut

A visit to the Namib- Naukflut is much needed during this period because you will be able to see the Namib Desert, the Naukflut Mountains and enjoy mountain climbing and you will also be able to view the large salt pans found in the area. The salt pans covers almost half of the park and provides a great view.

A visit to the skeleton coast

Skeleton coast is known as the largest cemetery in Namibia due to the large numbers of whales that always get stranded at the coast and the numerous ships that have wrecked at the coast due to the heavy and thick fog found in the area and for those who made it to land, it is believed that none survived due to the harsh weather conditions in the area. You will also be able to see the large orange sand dunes in the area and enjoy biking in the area and this is the best season to do this.

A visit to Etosha National Park

Etosha National.park is located in the North Western part of Namibia and it was decalred a National park in 1907. There are several things that one can see when it comes to visiting Etosha National park and these include lions, cheetahs, leopards and many more species and it is also a home to a wide range of bird species like the lesser flamingos which can be seen during the rainy season.

From July to October (peak season)

This is known as the peak season and it is the best time to visit Namibia due to the cool temperatures that are experienced in the country during this period. For all those who love game watching, this is the best time to visit Namibia as you will be able to view the animals without interference from the weather and and stones in the wind and the different places where you will be able to see these animals include

The caprivi strip

This is located in the North Eastern part of Namibia.Due to the presence of the okavango River and the Kwando River, it has become a very good lace where one can view the different fish species which amount to over 100 species. Many tourists can carry out spot fishing in the Caprivi strip and some of the fish species that are commonly caught include the Tiger fish, African Pike, Nembwe, Three spot Tilapia, Break and many more other fish species. The Caprivi strip has a lot of game parks where tourists can be view the different animals and these include

Mamili National park

Mamili park is found in the heart of the Caprivi strip and it is surrounded by the Kwando River and the chobe River. It is surrounded by the different wetlands and swamps and the best activity that can be carried out is bird watching.

The different bird species that can be seen at Mamili include the slaty Egret, wattled crane, Greater swamp warbler, Meves’ starling and Rosy throat long claw and many more bird species.

Mahangu Game Reserve

Mahangu Game Reserve is found in Caprivi strip and borders Botswana and the Okavango River. It is filled with the Kalahari bush on one side and the Riverine forests and floodplains on the other side. It has alot of animals and over 400 bird species in the reserve.

The different animals that can be seen in the Mahangu game reserve include the Roan antelope, Reedbuck, Red Lechwe, Impala, Situnga, kudu, Bushbuck, Wildebeest, sable, tsessebe, buffalos, elephants and many more others.

Mudumu National Park

Mudumu National park is found in the heart of Caprivi and is filled with a dense vegetation and the Kwando River. There are different wild animal species that you can view in Mudumu and these include lions, leopards, hippos, hyenas, zebras, Wildebeest and many more other animals.

The Impala Island

This is located in the caprivi between the confluence of the Chobe River and the Zambezi River. A visit to the place with have you enjoy a boat cruise on the Chobe River and canoeing on the flood plains while enjoying the view of the animals that walk around the area and these animals include crocodiles, whales and different Bird species.

The Bwabwata National Park

This stretches from the Okavango River to Kwando and the wild life normally moves freely from Botswana to the Bwabwata Park. A visit to the area will have you view the Popa falls,Okavango River and enjoy the view of the Islands and the animals that can be seen in the area include the Red Lechwe, hippos, wild dogs, common Reedbuck, lions, leopards and many more other animal species.

Namibia can be visited throughout the whole year because of the weather changes that can be experienced in the country. You can actually visit all the various tourist attractions in the country and enjoy the vast culture that is portrayed by the Namibian people and also vsisit the coastal places where the German colonialists had built their empire. Here you will be able to see the ancient houses and know how people lived in Namibia before she got her Independence.