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Best Time To Visit Tanzania, When To Go On A Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is located in the Sub Saharan part of Africa and is also known to be part of the East African community. Tanzania is one of the top African countries when it comes to tourist attractions majorly the game parks that is why it is a bit hard to tell when the best is to visit the country.

The dry season is the general time that one can visit the country as there are many animals that are seen roaming around the different game parks in search of water which would have become scarce diet to the heat. You will get to see the predators who time their prey that lounges along the banks of the available water sources.

Although there is right or wrong time to visit the country but there are those specific seasons that one cannot miss when on a safari in Tanzania. So In to try and find out when one can come to visit Tanzania, I have listed down the different tourist attractions in Tanzania and the best time to go to these different attraction sites.

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The best time to visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an island in Tanzania and it is commonly known for its wonderful beaches which are a sight to see. The clear crystal water in Zanzibar and the cultural sites plus the different multi cultures that are portrayed in Zanzibar need to be seen by everyone, therefore make an effort and visit Zanzibar.

The wet season which is from March till May and in this period, most of the resorts found on the beaches close during this period and the humidity in the place also is of concern especially if you are not swimming.

Between December and February, Zanzibar experiences a 40 degrees Celsius temperature which leads to hot and dry temperatures in the area.

The best time to visit Zanzibar is from Just to October where the climate in this period is dry and cool. If you are a fun of water activities, then the best time is between August and September where the water levels rise up to over 25 meters.

A visit to Zanzibar is worthwhile but you should also note that during the Ramadan Muslim festival, many of the restaurants in the area will be closed and this is between June and July.

Best time to visit Serengeti National park

Serengeti is filled with vast plains and the greenery that the animals feed on. This National park is well known even to the tourists and it is right sought after by the tourists who go for a safari in the country.

Serengeti is famous for the wildebeest migration and the park season and best time to visit the park is during the dry season which is between June and September and this is the same period when the great migration of the wildebeest reaches the River Grumeti in the months of June or July. Please note that the average cost of a safari in Tanzania is $ 300 per day but it gets higher during the best times of the year to visit.

During the wet season which is from January to February, this is also known as the calving season for most of the wildebeests. And this is the season that the different predatory animals get to feat on the young untrained calves of the different animal species. For the borders, this is the best time to visit the park as you will be able to see the different Bird species that are found in the park and the wet season intensifies from March to April.

Best time to visit Ruaha National park

Ruaha National park in Tanzania is basically known for its large number of wild dogs that habitate in the park.

The wet season in Ruaha is from November till March and this is the best time for those who love Bird watching to visit the park as you will be able to see the different Bird species that are indigenous to the park and this is the time that migratory birds also fly back to the park.

The best to also visit the park is from June to October during the dry season one at this time the vegetation is a bit thinner and there is cool weather in the park. You will get able to see the wild dogs that den from June and August during this same season.

Best time to visit Tarangire National Park

The best time to visit Tarangire is during the dry season that is from June to November as during this season there is scarcity of water and the animals are forced to start moving about looking for water sources. And because of this various animals can be seen at the same time in the same area as they all gather at the water sources.

During this season you will find huge crowds of tourists as they watch the different animals and in case you are not a fun of crowds, you can still head down to the southern part of the park to enjoy the view of the animals but in a less crowded place.

The wet season comes in from March to April and the rains lead to the dispersing of the different animals due to the thickening of the vegetation in the area. The good thing about the wet season is that it comes with many migratory birds and other Bird species and this is a Haven for all the Bird lovers.

Best time to visit Ngorongoro

During the dry season there is less or no rain in Ngorongoro and the vegetation thins down causing the animals to migrate to other areas in the park in search of water. Due to the heat in the area, tourists will be able to see different species of animals trying to cool off the heat and thirst all in the same area and at the same time and this is between June and October. So for all those who want to view the animals the dry season is the best time to visit Ngorongoro in Tanzania.

Between November and May, the rains start in Ngorongoro National park and this is the best time to visit the park especially if you are into watching birds. The wet season brings the different bird species together that is the indigenous species and the migratory birds. Even with the wide spread of the animals during this season, you will be able to view a few of them like the Rhinoceros during the wet season. The abundant wildlife and vast thick vegetation is why the Ngorongoro National park is known as Garden of Eden in Africa.

Best time to visit Kilimanjaro Mountain

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in East Africa and a good place to visit when one goes to Tanzania. As you hike on this mountain, you will be able to clearly see the vast plains of Tanzania and also those in the neighboring Kenya. There are a few wild animals that you will see as you hike up the mountain and the numerous bird species that prefer cold conditions.

The best time to visit Kilimanjaro is from July to October where the skies are clear and there is generally enough warmth and this will ease the climbing of the mountain for the tourists unlike the months of November and December and April to May where the wet season sets in. you will not be able to hike up the mountain due to the muddy, ice and rainy conditions not forgetting the fog which does not let you see the next step that you are taking.

Best time to visit Selous Game Reserve

During the wet season, the animals spread out and this is between March to May with the heaviest of the rains coming in around March and April. This is the best time to go birding and you get to see the different bird species that are in the park and those that migrate from the European countries to Selous Game reserve  or now the Nyerere National Park and this is the time that most of the animals also start calving.

The other best time to visit Selous Game reserve is from June to November, a season that is known to be cooler than the rest of the months. If you are a fun of the big cats then this is the best time to go and watch the big cats. And you will also be able to view the wild dogs as they den from the month of June to August.

It should be noted that the wild dog is an endangered species and this is the only time that you will get to see it for a long time.

As we noted earlier on, every time is the best time to visit Tanzania, therefore minus the written times above, you can still come in any month of the year to enjoy the unique culture in Tanzania and many other activities. You will not regret your trip.