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African Safari Costs

African Safari Cost, Prices For Both Luxury and Budget Tours The Average cost of an African safari is $ 200 per person per day. The

African Hunting Safari Cost

Cost of an African hunting Safari Although hunting safaris may be looked at as illegal by some people, there are a number of African countries

Kruger National Park Safari Cost

Cost of a safari in Kruger National Park Holidaymakers visiting South Africa’s Kruger National Park have three (3) major ways of taking a safari here

Rwanda gorilla trekking

Types of Gorillas

Across the world there are two species of Gorillas and these are the Western gorillas and the Eastern gorillas as highlighted below. Before we jump

Uganda Fishing Trips

Uganda Fishing Fishing in Uganda is done on an extensive scale and it’s done both for economical and spot fishing. Fishing in Uganda is done

Best Time To Visit Namibia

Best Time To visit Namibia Namibia is located in the southern part of Africa. Half of Namibia is covered with the Namib Desert and this

Uganda People And Culture

Uganda is a country that is rich in culture and has a very strong heritage. Uganda as a country has different kingdoms and chiefdoms and

The Batwa People

A marginalized group of people living just outside the Bwindi forest and trails is a sight that everyone should witness on their own. The Batwa

ankole cattle uganda

Ankole Cattle

If you ever want to meet the cattle kings Uganda most specifically the western part of the country is the best place to visit. The

Agro Tourism in Uganda

Uganda is known for many things and as the nickname of food basket suggests, it has joined other countries and ventured into agro tourism. Many

Best Time To Visit Botswana

Botswana is one of Africa’s best safari destination because it offers first time experiences for everyone who visits the country. Botswana is know to be

East Africa Tourist Visa

Traveling to East Africa before was a bit hectic especially if you wanted to visit the whole region but it has been made possible in

The Virunga Mountains

The Virunga Mountains cover three regions which include the south Western part of Uganda which covers the Mgahinga National park, the Eastern part of the

Uganda Martyrs 2024

People have been making pilgrimage to Namugongo for the Uganda Martyrs day which is celebrated every year on 3rd June, trekking long distances from the

Safe Countries To Visit in Africa

Safe countries to visit in Africa Africa is a wonderful continent gifted by nature in all the different countries that are found in it. Africa

murchison falls safari

Best Water Falls in Uganda

Waterfalls in Uganda Water Falls are a mass of water that drops off a cliff rapidly. All water Falls are a beauty to see but

African Safari Insurance

Travel Insurance for safari What to consider while choosing Travel Insurance your African safari When you choose to travel to Africa for a safari, truth

Tanzania Safari Cost

3 Day Tanzania Safaris Cost from $ 350 View Agent Offers 4 Days Tanzania Cost from $ 459 View Agent Offers 5 Days Tanzania Cost

Kenya Family Safari

Kenya has over the years been a great choice family safari holidays. Most Parents have opted for Kenya because of its safety, natural landscapes, rewarding

kenya safari

3 Day Kenya Safari

3 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari The 3 Days Kenya wildlife safari begins and ends in Nairobi. It will take you to the Masaai-Mara National Reserve

Uganda Car Hire

When visiting any place in Uganda either business and or pleasure, there are various means of transport but renting a car is one of the

Zimbabwe Safari

ZIMBABWE SAFARI. ZIMBABWE. Guide to Zimbabwe safaris, attractions, things to do, where to stay and trusted tour operators. Zimbabwe is found South of Africa; it

Mozambique Tours

MOZAMBIQUE Mozambique is one of those countries that make a great bend of East Africa. It is located in the southern part of Africa and

Madagascar Tours

MADAGASCAR TOURS. MADAGSCAR. Madagascar formerly known as Malagasy Republic is an island country in the Indian Ocean located away from Africa’s southeast coast. It is

Namibia Safari

A safari guide to Namibia, things to do, where to stay and the star attractions here. Namibia is located on Africa’s west coast between Angola

Zambia Safari

ZAMBIA. Online guide to Zambia safari tours, hotels, tour operators, attractions and things to do. Zambia is a landlocked country located in the southern part

Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda

MOUNTAIN RWENZORI NATIONAL PARK Find all relevant information about climbing Mt. Rwenzori, from climbing routes to special pricing by tour operators, what to carry ,

Sipi Falls Uganda Tour

SIPI FALLS The Sipi falls are a phenomenon to many visitors, both local and foreign, yearly. Regarded as one of the most romantic places in

Akagera National Park Rwanda

Attractions in the Akagera National Park. This national park is named after the river that runs through it. Just from a scenic point of view,

mountain gorillas

All About Mountain Gorillas of Africa

Fact you need to learn about Africa’s Mountain Gorillas An encounter with the mountain gorillas is the best among all wild life encounters worldwide. Mountain

12 Days Safari Tanzania

12 Day & 11 Nights wildlife safari in Tanzania Tour overview This tour will take you to main national parks of Tanzania including; Arusha, Lake

8 Days Safari Tanzania

Find 3 safari options for your 8 days safari in Tanzania. 8 Day wildlife safari in Tanzania Tour overview The safari begins and ends in

7 Days Adventure Safari Tanzania

7 day safari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire Tour overview This tour begins and Ends in Arusha, this is a wildlife safari tour

6 Day Safari Tanzania

6 DAY WILDLIFE TOUR IN TANZANIA This safari starts and ends in Arusha, the 6 day tour will help you explore the main four national

5 Days Tour Safari in Tanzania

Find various 5 Day Tours from trusted safari companies in Tanzania 5 Day tour to Lake Manyara/Serengeti plains & Ngorongoro crater This tour starts and

4 Day Safari Tanzania

4 Days safari to Ngororongoro, Lake Manyara & Tarangire Tour Overview This tour starts and ends in Tanzania, it gives the traveler chance to visit

3 Day Safari Tanzania

We have arranged  packages taking you to Tanzania covering the most popular packs such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Park provided by the

Climb Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

Mount Nyiragongo, the world’s deadliest Volcano The Nyiragongo is one of the largest most spectacular active volcanos in the world with a caldera summit having