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Best Gorilla Trekking Companies, Top 20 Tour Operators, Uganda & Rwanda

Find a list of credible safari companies in Uganda which can help you plan for your gorilla safari. Gorilla Trekking Companies Listed Below


Select Adventure Safaris
African Gorilla Tours
Kori Safaris
Active African Vacations
Insight Safari Holidays
Engabi Tours & Travel
Kisoro Tours Uganda
African Safari Trails
Rwanda Safaris Ltd
Uganda Gorillas Safari
Gorilla Safari Consultants
Treks And Safaris
Gorillaland Safari Holidays
Pamoja Safaris
Roving Gorillas Safaris
Pearl Gorilla Tracking & Expeditions
Lets Go Tours
Primate Safaris Rwanda
Self Drive Uganda
All Seasons Adventures
Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours
Gorillaland Safaris
Safaris By Jon
Gorilla And Wildlife Tours
Africa Tours Adventure
Wild Gorilla Safaris
Gorilla Trekking Safaris
Tranquil Safaris
Silverback Gorilla Safaris
Gorilla Expeditions
Primate Holidays
Native Africa Tours
Wild Whispers Africa Safaris
Gorilla Holidays Uganda
Africa Runners Company
Ancient Africa Safaris
Primate Trekking Safaris Uganda
Tales Of Africa Safaris
Standard Safaris Ltd
Magical Gorilla Adventures
Eco Adventure Safaris
Car Rental Uganda
Encounter Africa Safaris
Oree Safaris
Masai Mara Migration
Mission Africa Safaris
MuAfrika Adventures
Uganda Rwanda Safari Vacations

Most of these companies have direct contact with the Uganda Wildlife Authority which is responsible for issuing out gorilla permits. You are encouraged to book in advance so as to avoid disappointment. A gorilla permit costs USD 800 per person per trek. Other fees charged by tour operators cater for safari administration, transport and accommodation. Wish you the best in your gorilla safari planning.

silverback gorilla tours


How to choose the African Safari Tour Operator or the Best Gorilla Trekking Company

Every day, there are many tour companies coming up here in Uganda and we now have a total of over 700 tour companies both registered and not registered by the company of registrar of Uganda. Searching for the right tour company in Uganda for your safari is some work and you have got to compare all the different companies basing on different views, however, here is somewhat practical advice that will help you in choosing the right tour operator for your safari in Uganda; the pearl of Africa.

Member of Association of Uganda Tour operators Association (AUTO)

There are many tour companies that come out with websites and they are not licensed by the government of Uganda nor are even members of AUTO. Many of these have continued to steal tourist’s money mainly because they put themselves in the picture of being the best tour operators in Uganda, or being the best renowned tour company in the country. The government has however started looking out for those companies that are not registered and has also put penalties in place to control their increasing number.

Some companies have copied the AUTO log and placed it on their websites when they are actually not members of the Association, once you see this on any website, don’t stop from there, proceed and visit the AUTO website which is  to check if that company was listed as a partial or full member of the association.

Reputability of the safari company

Before making your final decision with the tour company in Uganda, check if the company has reputation in carrying out tours within the country. This can be determined by checking out some reviews on trip advisor or on safari bookings from the past clients who received services from the company. From this, you will be able to determine if the company is trust worthy, reliable and ready to provide the best services to you.

In situations where the company’s reviews from clients are negative, thick twice before making the final decision about that company. Checking about reputation can also be based on social media platforms like twitter, Google plus, Facebook, linked in, Delicious, pin interest and many more. More so the continuous updating of social media plat forms indicates well that the offices of such company are in place and open.

Clients should also be able to study the websites of different tour operators to find out if they have about us page that talks about the location of the company offices, physical address, phone contacts, email address as well as the company profile.

Is there constant communication with the tour operator?

It’s the duty of the tour operator to provide all the necessary information needed to its clients, however if communication is limited or nor existing at all, then that’s not a good thing. The tour operator should be in position to answer all the questions asked by the clients and they should be correct answers. This also means that a good tour operator should be in place to provide all the attention to its clients. By keeping in touch with your tour operator through constant emails, phone calls, social media will help you create more confidence, trust worth as well as feeling comfortable and at ease.

Considering a private of a group tour

Clients have different tastes and preferences and when it comes to choosing which type of tour to take, the tour operator should be in position to explain the two types of tours for the clients to make their final decision. About group tours in Uganda, they usually involve many people were you all share costs in transport, fuel accommodation and decide as one on the type of itinerary to take, it’s enjoyable since you get to meet new people and gain great experience. For the private safaris, these are usually taken as family or an individual who want to experience their own designed itinerary to the fullest. Many tourists who come to Uganda prefer private tours since they get to visit places of their interest without disturbance from the group.

Comparison of safari quotes or Prices online

Most of the clients want to compare the prices mainly because they have a budget they are considering for a particular vacation. This can be done by considering the type of hotels offered to you by different operators, type of vehicle to be used, the safari activities included in the itinerary and many more. Clients are advised to compare many tour companies before choosing the best.

Form of payment used by the tour operator

Here, all the clients planning safaris to Uganda should be very curious about this, always send money to a company account and not a personal account. Don’t be deceived to send money through money gram or western Union. The main form of payment used by most reputable tour companies include; PayPal, bank transfers, pesapal, paying at the offices of the tour operator. The clients will decide on their own which choice is convenient for them to use.

The above few points not only apply to Uganda but also to other countries offering safari services, always take time to check if the company you are dealing with is the right one by considering all the points above. If not, you will be surprised not to get the services you have paid for or getting equally poor services form the chosen tour operator.

Companies Not Offering the Same Prices

You will find that every safari company has their own unique way of pricing. This largely depends on the safari style. Some companies offer only luxury gorilla trekking safaris while others are comfortable with the budget gorilla trekking option. Its important for you to analyse what is best for you. You need to know what the price includes and excludes accordingly.

Where To Go For Gorilla Trekking

The best gorilla safari companies mentioned above offer gorilla tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. A few offer in other destinations like Gabon. You can visit Rwanda and track the gorillas of Uganda or both.