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African Honeymoon Safaris, Best Romantic Tour Packages 2024

So when you have finally tied the knot with special person to spend your entire life with. What would be the best way of celebrating your love than going for a Honeymoon safari in Africa? You will make more new memories that will last forever.

Africa has it all, the spectacular landscapes, wildlife, incredible different cultures and of course the ancient wonders; all these leave you with memorable experiences. Imagine you relaxing around the Mauritius beaches, encountering wildlife in Sierra Leone, having a hefty breakfast with Giraffes in Kenya, having a great time with the Madagascar lemurs, visiting the Cape Wine lands in South Africa among other things.

With all this, a Honeymoon is a once in a life time experience, so why not to make it unforgettable while in any of Africa’s best Honeymoon destinations below;

honeymoon africa mauritius

Kenya Honeymoon Safari

It’s an East African famously known for its unique safaris more importantly the Honeymoon Safaris. All you can do and experience in Kenya while on honeymoon are incredible and unforgettable activities in the Masai-Mara National Park, this is one the most popular parks in Kenya, it harbors a number of different wildlife species including the “Big 5”.

The Masai-Mara is also the backdrop of the annual wildebeest migration. Besides the unique culture and wildlife found here, couples can also book stays at the some of the luxury bush camps, where they can have an al-fresco shower watching the sun setting over and also to spend their romantic evenings. Other things to do in Kenya include;

  • Relax at the beach in Mombasa
  • White water rafting at Sagana
  • Soar above the Masai-Mara in a hot-air balloon
  • Wildlife adventure in other National Parks
  • Breakfast with the giraffes at the Giraffe Manor

Mauritius Honeymoon Safaris

Mauritius is one of those places remaining in the world where you are sure you will wake up each morning in a paradise with clean andfreshair. There is no other way to state it than calling it a “heaven on earth”. There are no obnoxious and loud noises, it is a perfect place where you can relax on beautiful sand beaches with incredible scenery and spending a night in luxury hotels. Basically this is the best place newlyweds can have their once in a lifetime experiences.

Things to do;

  • Kayaking, Scuba diving and Snorkeling
  • Island hopping
  • Enjoy a Romantic cruise via Port Louis
  • Romantic walk along the beach
  • Get pampered in a spa
  • Visit the Poudre d’Or’ village where you can listen to the love story of Paul and Virginia

The best time to travel to Mauritius is from April to December.

Madagascar Holidays

Being one of those beautiful islands on planet earth, Madagascar is a pace to enjoy your honeymoon. It has unique wildlife and is very spectacular scenery whereby when you are there is as if it’s a like fairy tale fulfilled. There are a number of both outdoor and indoor activities, therefore you can also visit a number of national parks. You can spend your honeymoon enjoying and exploring various pleasures of this life hence strengthening your bond of love.

Things to do;

  • Unwind along the unspoiled sandy shores
  • Visit Tsingy de Bemaraha an interesting National Park where you will go hiking through limestone forests.
  • Visit the Baobab Alley to capture beautiful pictures
  • Enjoy a date in the National Park with the Lemurs
  • Taste the delicious drinks and food of Madagascar
  • Swim in the blue ocean waters
  • Visit the Malagasy cultural communities for a traditional display of this culture
  • Miss out not on the fascinating nightlife

Best time to visit is between April and November

Comoros Island Honeymoon

Located off the south-eastern coast of Africa, Comoros is a beautiful island and exceedingly a romantic spot for couples. Its beautiful scenery is breathtaking; turquoise beaches, luxury resorts, stunning sunsets, spectacular palm-fingered beaches, nightlife and delicious cuisine are all at your disposal. Truth is that your days of honeymoon spent on this island are unforgettable and with your time and money. The best time to visit Comoros is from April to December.

Things to do;

  • Explore the pristine Islands
  • Go for a spa session for pampering
  • Have a Candle-lit dinner with tasty cuisine
  • Go scuba diving, sailing or snorkeling with your partner
  • Visit Moroni Island –“Perfumed Island”

Zanzibar Honeymoon Holidays

Zanzibar is just a perfect place for spending your once-in-a-lifetime experience as newlyweds. It is surrounded by some of the best coral beaches in Africa.The stunning views and the tropical forests that lead you to the sandy shores which are near the waters are breathtaking. Anyways when you plan your honeymoon to Zanzibar you will never regret, in addition the safari here is affordable. Best time to visit Zanzibar is between June and October.

Things to do;

  • Taste the delicious cuisines on the island
  • Watch sunsets with your partner
  • Go shopping along Kiponda street
  • Take romantic walks along the sandbeaches
  • Visit the spice island
  • Visit Peace Memorial Museum or the ZanzibarGallery to learn more about Zanzibar’s culture and history
  • Go swimming at the beach

The Cape Winelands Honeymoon

This is an all year round destination located in South Africa with a spectacular natural setting, the vineyards and neighboring towns they themselves are magnificently picturesque. While on a honeymoon safari to visit the Cape Winelands, you can combine it with a visit to the Garden route, Cape Town, and Sabi Sand.

Things to do;

  • Visit the famous wine-making towns of Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek
  • Go to the leafy Constantia suburb
  • Visit the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

There are a number of honeymoon destinations in Africa that I couldn’t mention all of them here. But just know that any destination you choose for your honeymoon, you will have the best of you time and be glad you visited.