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Best Rwanda Safari Companies List, Rwanda Tour Operators For Gorilla Trek

Rwanda Safari Companies List.

Welcome to a guide to Rwanda safaris, adventure tours and vacations to the land of a thousand hills. Find a list of credible safari companies in Rwanda to take you for gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda and visits to Volcanoes National Park Rwanda,  and other wildlife tours and safaris.

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Many of the visitors come on holidays to Rwanda to view its famous mountain gorillas, and sometimes as an add on to a safari in Kenya or Tanzania, stay for 3 to 4 days and then leave, which is not good since there is so much more to see on any Rwanda holiday. With over three national parks, the capital city in Kigali, mountain scenery and the diverse wildlife, Rwanda has a lot to offer you on along holiday and certainly deserves further adventure.Kigali City Rwanda

Recently, Rwanda has been one of the fast growing economics in Africa. It has more women in its parliament compared to other countries in the world which makes it 64% at the time of inscription. It is one of the friendliest and safest countries on the continent. For many people, it is hard to avoid images from the dreadful 1994 genocide where close to a million people died. At the same time as the genocide is a massive part of its history, 20 years on Rwanda has enhanced into a unified, proud and expectant country that warmly welcomes its guests and provides a truly unforgettable and inspiring holiday.

Where to go on a Rwanda Holiday.

Volcanoes National park situated in the north western side and is the famous one among the three of Rwanda’s parks. It is the destination that many people come to while on holiday since it has mountain gorillas that are popular residents. Rwanda’s gorilla trekking is its major attraction. Other lesser but all the more sounding holiday options include the Akagera National park located on the border in the east and the Nyungwe Forest National park found at the southern side.

Akagera is also the park used only for traditional safaris in Rwanda and it puts forward great wildlife opportunities, though not to the level of the parks in Tanzania or even Kenya. Akagera view is stunning and it could be portrayed as the Lake District of Rwanda and it is worth paying a visit for that alone. Nyungwe Forest is also a thick rain forest with bird watching, primate spotting not forgetting the exciting hiking trails. Rwanda’s national parks are very easy to access by road thus a circuit of all three inclusive of the Capital and the attractive shore of Lake Kivu that can make a very diverse and intriguing holiday.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda.

Tracking the mountain gorillas in Rwanda is the wonderful wildlife adventure and the reason why many visitors come here on holiday. Sitting in a small family group of gorillas is a must for a real wildlife lover. This is also where Dian Fossey first caught the attention of the world to the troubles of these majestic primates in the later 1960s, where only around 250 survived. Recently their numbers worldwide have increased to some 880, split between the DRC, Kenya and Uganda. About a half of them live in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park.

The survival of mountain gorillas is one among the many African conservation stories that are a success and the tour industry has also played its role in this issue. Rwanda is regarded also as the finest destination for a gorilla tracking safari. Even though gorilla be a priceless meeting that will remain with you long after your vacation is done. To find out more about this adventurous experience, you can also view Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris.

Primate Holidays in Rwanda

Although mountain gorillas are the stars of the show, there are many other primate tracking opportunities while on vacation. The Nyungwe Forest National park is also home to 13 different species of primates; among them are the Rwenzori Colobus and Chimpanzees, both of which can be tracked. The Nyungwe Colobus monkeys could be seen in spectacular crowds of countless hundreds that are said to be among the biggest numbers worldwide. In the volcanoes, 2 groups of the rare golden monkeys have been familiarized for the tourists to track. These are pretty, playful and delightful to watch

The classic safari holiday in Rwanda

Rwanda may be an apparent alternative for a safari holiday however if you are traveling here anyway, the Akagera National park located in the eastern side of the country is a worthy adventure. Scenically it’s one of Africa’s cutest parks, with the deep valleys and rolling hills, savannah plains in the north and lakes as well as papyrus marshlands on the eastern border. It also includes the biggest secluded wetlands in the Central Africa and is home to over 8000 animals and 480 bird species inclusive of the shoebill stork thus making Akagera an interesting destination for a bird watching holiday.

When to go for a safari to Rwanda

Holidays in Rwanda are achievable all through the whole year, but the popular time to travel are in the long dry period of June till September, and the shorter dry period of around December all through to February. In case you are to go tracking the gorillas, you will have to prepare your holiday in advance so as to secure the permits particularly around July all through to September. The rainy season in Rwanda is also from March till May with the little rain in October and also November. If you would love to find out more, look at the weather and the climate information of Rwanda.

Traveling around Rwanda

Travel in Rwanda is very conducive while on any of our safaris. These roads have largely good asphalt surfaces thus several new roads are being constructed so as to replace the dusty roads. It’s not a place to drive on your own and our tourists normally use one of our vehicles and private guides since this allows them to control the daily schedule and pace of their Rwanda holiday. It’s a lovely way to see the country with its stunning views at every corner.

Culture RwandaAlthough there are some excellent hotels Rwanda’s facilities are at times basic, service and food is sometimes poor since a number of the employed staff is new in the tourism sector. However, to glance at the heart of Africa, for some wonderful wildlife viewing and inspiring, thought stimulating travel and this means that a holiday in Rwanda can be so fascinating.

About Rwanda’s Genocide:

Rwanda is an astonishing and inspiring nation for a holiday, not least because of the remarkable way it has united in the twenty years since it tore itself apart during the horrific genocide against the Tutsis of 1994. At the same time as it would be naïve to suggest that the nation has moved on, and a holiday leaves you with an overwhelming sense of the people’s hopefulness and national pride as well as their determination that the genocide must never happen again. Of recently, people call themselves Rwandese, with no differences between the Tutsis and the Hutus. Nonetheless the tribute is as great fraction of the country’s advancement as a reconciliation form. Each and every year, from the month of April till July, commemorations called Kwibuka happen and are part of the country’s healing course.

Visit the Kigali’s Genocide Memorial at any time. This is important because it helps one understand the history and the events that lead to the genocide in Rwanda. It may also seem an unlikely holiday attraction but its fact a beautiful, peaceful place that is evidence to the spirit and strength of Rwanda’s settlement.

Rwanda Tour Operators:

When going to a place for the first time, you need a tour operator who can be trusted to tell you all you need to know about when and where to be and go. In Rwanda there are a number of tour operators you can contact and work with as explained here. These operators will organize a memorable tour to either Nyungwe forest national park for chimpanzee tree or volcanoes national park for 3 days gorilla trekking in Rwanda, better yet at Akagera national park for a wildlife tour.

Rwanda Tour Companies:

These are real African specialists in custom made journeys. They boost over making travel dreams come true on top of getting the extensive knowledge about the place you are in. These travel gurus specialize in holidays to Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

Best Rwanda Safari Operators

These have six different exciting holiday itineraries in Rwanda. This nature and culture tour entails chimps, gorillas, Lake Kivu, Lakeside towns of Kibuye and Gisenyi, Nyungwe forest as well as urban towns of Butare and Kigali. Rainbow tours have a number of gorilla and primate tours to the renowned Parc National des Volcanoes and Nyungwe forests alike. This tour also includes museum visits, boat excursions on Lake Kivu as well as an exciting venture to the twin volcanic lakes of Ruhondo and Burera.

This one operates a handful of tours to Rwanda as well as Uganda and they specialise mainly in gorilla viewing opportunities majorly the Parc des Volcans here in Rwanda which is best known for hosting a researcher Dian Fossey for 20 years who was studying gorilla behaviour. With Wildlife Worldwide visitors get to track and view gorillas for 3 days in their natural habitat.


Musanze Caves

A cave is a natural underground space which is large enough for a person to enter. While visiting Volcanoes national park, you cannot miss to take a tour to the Musanze caves which is 2 kilometres long beneath that were unveiled recently as a tourist attraction in 2013 by the Rwanda Development Board together with the Rwanda Defense Forces.

North of the country in Musanze District you can cite the caves. They have had a major facelift with establishment of tourist trails, walkways and stairs that lead you to the dark interior of the caves tat paints a picture of a house consisting several rooms and corridors. The floor also got paved as well as some stairs to ease movement.

You cannot miss the volcanic region of Rwanda to see the caves which are believed to be a result of volcanic eruption decades ago offering an in-depth understanding of the geological and geographical historical development of the globe. You may explore Musanze cave after gorilla tracking in the volcanoes national park in case you have time to spare as it is located on the foothills of the park.

You can as well adventure other stunning sites and views of the nearby areas such as the panoramic view of the twin lakes namely Burera and Ruhondo, the Buhanga Eco-park reknown for coronation of Rwandan former kings, Karisimbi Volcano climbing, trek to Dian Fossey grave, Bisoke Volcano climbing, golden monkeys trekking and the famous mountain gorillas trekking.

Mountain Bisoke Hike

An adventure on mountain Bisoke is another memorable activity in Rwanda. At the top sits a spectacular crater lake. This is a 6 hour hike with 2 hours of descending down to the starting point although it will take a matter of 3 hours for the experienced hikers to get to the top of this mountain and descend in just an hour.

Just like tracking gorillas, on the day of hiking, hikers are required to converge at the headquarters of the park at Kinigi at 7:00am so as to get a briefing as well as being assigned a park ranger. The rangers in most cases are natives of the volcanoes vicinity who are very knowledgeable and versed about the mountain adventures.

The adventure begins at exactly 8:00am where the tour guide transfers you to the starting point. Here you will be assigned porters to carry your baggage and be given hiking gear as well.

Mount Karisimbi hike

Mount Karisimbi is a stratovolcano that rises at an elevation of about 4507m above sea level. It is the highest of the eight major volcanoes of the Virungas and the 5th highest in Africa. It runs along the border between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo on the western branch of the East African Rift valley. The volcano is very young as is lavas have been dated from 0.24Ma to 0.010Ma which is a very good indicator.

It derives its name from the Kinyarwanda word ‘amasimbi’ that means ‘white shell’ and it refers to the white capped summit frequently seen at the top of the volcano. It’s surrounded by Bisoke to the east, Mikeno to the north, Nyiragongo in the west and on the other end of the Rift valley.

Climbing Mt Karisimbi

This is a tiring activity but all the more pleasing two days hike. The ascend begins in the early hours of morning and takes over six hours and this entails having to navigate through the Bisoke side where you will reach the first stop place which is at an altitude of 3,700m where you will camp overnight before finishing off the trek the following day.

This hike is not a regular one as you can afford highlights from an assortment of birds, primates such as gorillas and monkeys given the fact that the volcano sits in the primates’ park; the volcanoes national park. The mountain is also famous for its unusual plants in its four belts of undergrowth, from the infertile volcanic core at the peak to the dense forest at its base. Hiking up to the top is characterized of the muddy trails particularly in the rainy season although the downpour can happen at any time of the day due to altitude.

Gorillas Karisimbi RwandaYou will need to be in reasonably good health as well having determination to hike all the way through the slippery gradients as you head for the peak which is snow capped as a result of sleet and hail that accumulates in the higher altitudes from its recurrent storms. An additional cost maybe incurred ($20 per day) for hiring a porter who will help you carry your luggage as well as the hiking equipment.

In case you have time to spare, you may visit Karisoke research center where the grave of the reknown American zoologist and mountain gorilla conservationist Dian Fossey   lays as Karisimbi is close.