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Is Uganda Safe To Visit ? Tips For Citizens of America, Canada, UK, German


Is Uganda safe for the American citizens and other tourists?

Each and every person intending to visit Uganda usually Google “Is Uganda the pearl of Africa secure and safe for the American tourists? We therefore think this country is so safe for all the tourists that come and those intending to visit it in Future.

Each and every day, our blogs show this question in our analytical statistics. However, you don’t normally find these tourists asking about how Uganda being safe for the residents of German, UK, Danes, Russia, China, Canada, as well as the Indians. It’s surprising since many Americans have a question whether Uganda is so safe for the Americans.

Is Uganda safe for the Americans and any other person?

The American tourists will be so amazed of how safe Uganda is. This country is stable safe and so secure in Africa. The visitors and the tourists with in Uganda will stay safe in case they follow some security, safety rules as well instructions such as those on our site.

Kampala the capital city is also one of the safest city in Africa and about 99% of the tourists come and leave the country without any problem. For real, have you ever read about anywhere in any local newspaper that any visitor got any safety problems during their stay in Uganda. Things like credit card scamming, theft, over charging can also be controlled and avoided by choosing the right tour company.


The hotels, guest houses, lodges, as well as the back packers use the security personnel in making sure that you are safe and undisturbed. More so the banks, shops, restaurants, bars, offices, stores all have got security people that are stationed outside and inside of the rooms. in case you are an American wanting to enter the embassy , you will find it easily with the deposits of security  and in case you are inside trying to speak to an embassy official , you will also go through a shot proof window.

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The government of Uganda has realized that it’s their duty of ensuring the safety of visitors who come to Uganda as well as its own citizens. Police is found each and every where since they range from traffic police to tourism police and these make sure that the tourists as well as the visitors are safe. Since most of the tourists are those going on the safari, we ensure their safety with in the country. Uganda is the safest place in Africa so more tourists are advised to come and enjoy the pearl of Africa.

The main questions by an American for the American people who want to come and visit Uganda. Why the American people always feel that Uganda is not safe?


  • Uganda is so safe to visit more than United States of America.
  • You cannot buy a hidden weapon in this country, many of the people here don’t have weapons within their homes as it’s done in the USA.
  • There are no daily shootings as its don’t USA cities
  • There are also no drive shootings every day in the city as its done in Chicago
  • Uganda doesn’t own any group which endorses weapon use
  • The gun permits are only given to people including the businessmen who have got large sums of money
  • There have not been any tourist attacks since 2010 and this proved to be a call for us to wake up
  • We have also had armed security in each and every public area especially in the supermarket, banks, hospitals, hotels, the vehicles are checked as you enter large shopping areas.


About the reality in the USA


In the year 2016, terrorist attacks and many other fatal deeds of violence have increased with in USA, and each of the week, many shocking surprises come up. However, there are no travel advisories that have been put by the Uganda government or any of the east African countries with the terrorist attacks that happen in USA.


Uganda as a country is so safe to the tourists as well as visitors, the Americans and the gorilla trekkers. The country is home to most of the friendliest people on the African continent and Americans should also feel safe while in Uganda.