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Best time to visit South Africa

Ever wondered why South Africa is one of the top most destinations for a safari in Africa? Wonder no more because you are about to find out why and also find out the best time to visit South Africa. South Africa is located in the southern part of Africa and it is an all year round place for those who want to take a safari to the country.

South Africa is a country that is filled with different races which include Asians, whites and the blacks and this makes a good destination due to the harmony in which all these people live in. South Africa was not a stable country especially during the Apartheid but after it ended in 1994, the country became a good place for one to visit.

South Africa is a good destination for a safari all throughout the year but there are some factors that also determine the best time on when to visit and these include the climate change and the interests of the people visiting and the activities that one wants to carry out.

Game watching, bird watching, lounging on the beaches at the coast and enjoying the different cultural practices of the South Africans are some of the highlights that you can enjoy when you visit South Africa. The best way to know when to visit South Africa is by understanding the different activities that are carried out throughout the year and where to carry out these activities from. We can also look at the different seasons that favor the different activities.

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When to visit the Kalahari Desert

If you have not experienced Desert life then the Kalahari Desert located in South Africa at the border of Namibia and Botswana is the place to be. You will be able to experience the Desert life to the fullest and also get to meet the Bush men who are the original inhabitants of the place. The best time to visit will generally depend on what to experience when you visit the vast Desert. You do not want to miss the sand dunes and the rudimentary tools used by the bush men to carry out their different activities.

For all those who do not mind about the dry and hot weather and those who love motor biking in the Desert, September and October are the best months to visit because these months see the Desert experiencing the dry season and you will be able to see some rare Desert animals walking through looking for scarce water resources in the Desert. The months of May to August also experience the dry season and they have dry freezing nights as compared to October and September which have very hot nights.

The rains come in December up to mid January and they transform the Desert into a green place and it called the Green season. During this season you will be able to see the different animals calving like the antelopes and you will also be able to see the migrating zebras during this period.

You will be able to see the different animals in the Kalahari National Park which include the black manned lions, antelopes, hyenas and many more others.

Therefore the best time to visit the Kalahari Desert is during the winter months of December to January because then the weather is not that hot like other months.

When to visit the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is the biggest Park in South Africa and is located in Mpumalanga and it is a good place to visit as you will be able to see the different wild life species found in the area like the big five and bird species which are indigenous to South Africa.

The best time to visit the Park especially for those who love game watching is from April to September. The beginning of April starts the dry season and it goes on through to September and due to the scarcity of pastures and water, you will be able to view the different animal species as they move around the Park searching for water and pasture which is hard to find during these months.

The best time to visit Kruger National Park for birders is between the months of October to March. This period is a rainy season and this is the time when the migratory birds fly into the country and these include the African fish skimmer, Flamingos and many more other species. The temperatures during this time are extremely low and we are all advised to pack appropriately not forgetting the umbrellas at home. The lodges and hotels also reduce their prices since it is not a busy season.

Best time to visit the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape has a lot of activities that can be carried out in the Eastern Cape and these highly determine when one should visit. The Eastern Cape has different game reserves that include the Lalibela game reserve, the Amakhala game reserve and Shamwar game reserve. It is also where the Drakensburg Mountain and the Tsitsikamma are located.

The best time to hike up the Drakensberg is during the dry season which is from April to September. you will also be able to see the various wild animals that are found in the game reserves and climb up the mountain without experiencing the muddy trails.

The best time to visit the cape Town

The best time to visit the Cape Town is during the summer season. This is mostly from January to February as these experience the driest weather. This is the time to go surfing, enjoy days long the beach and it is known to be the peak season in Cape Town. And during this time the accommodation and transportation prices are on the rise so if you are planning to visit during this month, you should have a heavy budget for the trip.

For those who love aqua life this is the best opportunity to watch the migratory whales and attend the various music festivals in the area. you can also enjoy a trip to the Table Mountain and enjoy the exquisite food that is prepared on the Table Mountain.

Best time to visit the KwaZulu Natal

KwaZulu natal is a good destination for all the tourists due to the different activities that can be done while on a visit here. It has various game parks where game viewing of game can be carried out, you can also visit the historical site where the Anglo Boer war took place and also enjoy the south Coast Midlands.

The best time to visit KwaZulu for game viewing is from April to September because this is the dry winter season in the KwaZulu. It is exceptionally dry during day and a bit cooler in the evening and this prompts the animals to move from one place to another in search of food and water from the scarce water sources. This is also the best time to visit the Drakensberg Mountain because the dry season makes it easy to carry out mountain climbing.

Birding is best done in the months of November to March and this is season is known as the hot wet summer. This period the Natal receives rainfall with thunderstorms although the sun comes out after. This is the best time to see the migratory birds, the birthing of the different animals and you should note that this is not the best time to visit for those who want to view game.

The best time to view the migratory birds huge and sea turtles is from May to December and November to January respectively.

Best time to visit Limpopo

Limpopo is found in the Northern part of South Africa and is mostly known for the diverse cultures showcased and the many historical sites found in the area. Different activities can be carried out when one visits the Limpopo province like Zip lining, riding the hot air balloon, visiting the Venda people and learning about their culture and watching game at the Mapungubwe National Park.

Game viewing is best done during the dry months of May to September. during this period, you will be able to see the different animals in the parks due to water and food scarcity. The different animals that can be seen in Mapungubwe include the Meerkets, Nile crocodiles,

The best month for birders is November. This is the rainy season in Limpopo and if you are not a fan of the cold, it is better to avoid the province during this period. Therefore if you want to enjoy Limpopo the best time to visit is from April to September.

A visit to South Africa will leave you breathless all you need to do is plan accordingly, pack appropriately and mark the seasons that have all that you would want to do and then enjoy the various activities in the country. A group trip is always better since it helps in saving costs.