Kenya Safari Cost in 2021

Kenya Safari Cost

What to consider while costing your Kenya safari

It is from East Africa especially Kenya and Tanzania that Safaris were birthed. Kenya hosts various National Parks like the popular Masai-Mara National Reserve, Samburu and Amboseli National Parks and many more Parks such as the Aberdares, Tsavo, Nairobi and MountMeru. And here is where you get an opportunity of encountering various safaris which widely range in cost also.

The cost of a safari in Kenya usually depends on number of days one wants to spend in the country, the class of accommodation and many other things that need to be accounted for.

We have compiled the top safari costs of the best kenya safari companies so that you can compare.


Just like other safaris in other countries, safaris in Kenya are not so cheap since whatever package you choose, the overall total cost has to include transportation, food, park entry fees and accommodation. In most cases being on a solo safari gets a bit costly since you end up covering most costs alone, so it would be advisable you visit Kenya with a friend to share costs especially of hiring the safari vehicle.

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An all-inclusive 3 days safari on budget can cost $500 with spending at least $150 or $200 per day.

Ensure that you get enough information about the different attractions to visit and things to do to see the factors considered in costing a safari. And below are some of the factors to consider;

Length of safari (Duration)

Whichever way you are planning your safari whether through a tour operator or on individual basis you need to know the number of days you will spend in Kenya. By doing so it helps you know how much you will need to spend daily.

For example; a person that desires to visit Kenya but has a tight budget, it is advisable you stay in the country for lesser days, because the longer you stay in the country the more the cost because also other factors like accommodation affect your length of stay.

But if you plan to stay longer, you could visit in the low season where prices are lower; you could save about 40% which would have been spent in the high season, the other advantage is that you get to watch baby wildlife, birds and also the crowds are lesser in the Parks.

Number of people traveling

This is important; whether you are planning a private safari or group safari or family safari among others. The number of travelers is considered in the perspective of the transport costs.

So when its only one person traveling he/she has to meet all the costs of hiring the safari vehicle and the number of days it will be used. However, if you hire a 7-seater van, which is about $150 per day or a 7-seater 4X4 Land cruiser costing about $230 per day, the cost is shared among the seven people which is not the case when its only one person travelling.

Going on a safari as an individual can be costly in terms of transport.

Accommodation facilities

This starts with you; what kind if accommodation do you what, but before you choose that you should be knowing which places or national parks and the exact sectors you are visiting. Because in most cases the location of your accommodation affects which activities you participate in.

Kenya has different accommodation ranging from super luxurious suites to luxury lodges to moderate tented camps to budget lodges to campsites. So even whatever budget you are on you are sure that you won’t lack where to stay while in Kenya.You can get accommodation that ranges from $40 dollar to more than $1200 a night.

But keep in mind that accommodation in different areas like Masai-Mara during the peak season can be on high demand so if that’s when you want to travel then you should make your bookings early enough.

National Parks

These are the major places to be visited while on the Kenyan safari. The park visited is based on the traveler’s interest; the kind of wildlife or birds they want to see. However, the most popular wildlife reserve is the Masai-Mara because for the Annual Wildebeest Migration and charges higher price.

One of the cheapest National Parks like Nairobi charges an entry fee of $40 per day, others like Meru, Tsavo West and Tsavo East charge entry fee of $52 per day and the Masai-Mara and Amboseli charge $60 park entry fee per day.

Other activities

Of course while on safari you will enjoy game drives and have memories that are unforgettable, but it is important to engage in other activities such as hot air balloon safaris, horse riding, river rafting, guided nature walks, night game drives, these experiences also come at an extra cost.

You could book to engage in them before you travel such that they are costed in your original total cost or you could pay and engage in some while on ground already.

When to visit

The season or time of the year you visit Kenya is important in the aspect because there are both the peak and the low seasons. Peak season is when business is high and the numbers of visitors are high, the low season is the opposite.

Therefore knowing when to travel affects the cost of your safari because most costs are high especially the lodges and of which during the low seasons some lodges lower their prices. But t also helps you to know what to see and engage in the time you travel. The best time to travel is in the dry season from June to October when even the Wildebeests have arrived in the Masai-Mara or from January to February.

Other factors to consider while costing your safari to Kenya are; Travel Insurance, Visas, International Flights, Domestic Flights, Tips, Laundry, Souvenirs, drinks and beverages and Extra cars or Transfers(from Airport to accommodation and vice versa)

Sample of cost per person with different safari packages

Safari Package Category of Accommodation Places to visit Number of Travellers Cost Per person (USD)
4-Day Flying Safari Mid-range(Tented Camp) Nairobi(start), Masasi-Mara NR, Nairobi(End) 2 $1,125
9-Day Kenya Luxury Safari Luxury (Lodge) Nairobi(start), Amboseli Np, Aberdare NP, Olperjeta, Lake Nakuru NP, Masai-Mara NR, Nairobi(End) 2 $2,200 or $3,200
6-Day Migration Tour Budget Nairobi (Start), Masai-Mara, Greater Masai, Amboseli NP, Greater Amboseli 2 $850
3-Day Explore Amboseli Luxury Nairobi(Start and End), Amboseli NP 2 $595
6-Day Magnificent Best of Kenya Safari


Budget Nairobi (Start), Masai-Mara, Lake Nakuru NP, Amboseli NP, Nairobi (End) 2 $680
4-Day Zebra Kenya Safari Mid-range(Tented camp and Lodge) Mombasa(Start), Tsavo East NP, Amboseli NP, Tsavo West NP, Diani Beach, Mombasa (End) 2 $714 or $753


In conclusion, Kenya is not that cheap destination you can just go to.  It is an incredible destination with several beautiful sceneries, sites, diverse cultures and different activities that can make your safari memorable. So to enjoy every bit of your safari, you should plan your trip in the best way possible by comparing the prices for the top companies listed here.

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