Best African Safari Countries & Beautiful Destinations , Top Picks 2020

African Safari, Wildlife Top Parks.

Thinking of where to go for a safari in Africa, we have compiled the best safari countries alongside their best tourist destinations which you must not miss.

These African safari   countries are said to be some of the most beautiful and  loved and toured safari destinations in Africa.

  1. Uganda
  2. Tanzania
  3. Rwanda
  4. Kenya
  5. South Africa
  6. Botswana
  7. Namibia
  8. Zambia
  9. Zimbabwe
  10. Morocco

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Uganda Safari

mountain gorillas uganda

Uganda also referred to as the Pearl of Africa is one of the countries where one can get the Best African safaris. Uganda has a lot of natural features that attract tourists Form Mountains, lakes, hills and the diverse cultures that are found in the country, the different national parks with wildlife and birds and rivers.

Uganda is a home to more than 1100 Bird species and 365 animals, the longest river in the whole world known as the River Nile, the largest free standing volcano in the world known as the Mountain Elgon, the highest peak in Africa known as the Rwenzori mountain plus other beautiful sceneries in the country.

Uganda has more than 10 National parks like the Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo, Kibale national park, Bwindi which is a home to the largest population of the mountain gorillas in the world and many more other national parks and you can carry out the different activities in all these which include watching birds, kayaking, biking, watching the different wild animals among others. You can also see the different waterfalls and mountains in the country. The main activity in this country is gorilla trekking in Bwindi.

Kenya Safari.

cheetah safari Kenya

Kenya found in the sub Saharan part of Africa offers 16 national reserves, 6 marine parks and 25 national parks. It is very hard to talk about a safari minus talking about Kenya. Kenya has many wild animals that you can see when it comes to safaris and you get to see the great migration while you are in the country.

The great migration involves various wild beasts moving to a different location in large numbers I search of better weather and food. You will also get to visit the Masai Mara and experience the unique culture of the Masai people and other cultures that are located in the country.

Masai Mara National Park:

This National park is one of the largest wildlife reserves in Kenya. It was named in the honor of the Masai people. The park is also famous for its unique and exceptional Masai lions, the African leopards, Tanzania cheetah, the annual migration of zebras, wildebeest as well as Thomson’s gazelle. The National park was established in 1961 as a wildlife sanctuary and it covered an area of 520 square kilometer. Lately the National park covers an area of 1510 km in the south western part of Kenya. It is also bordered by Serengeti National park in the south, pastoral ranches in the North and East and in the West it is bordered by Sina escarpments.

This park is also regarded as one of the greatest game parks on planet earth; it’s also popular in Kenya, which is Africa’s top safari destination. The park is also filled with Savannah plains crowed with the wild animals and many tourists get stuck with its untamed African strength of Mara.

The main highlight of coming to this National park in East Africa is its Great Migration. This yearly wildlife migration sees lots zebras, gazelles, and wildebeest all over the plains as they search for greener grass from July to October. The park is also habitat to some of the large predator populace and also about 450 species of birds. On your safari encounter, you will meet the native Maasai tribes in their light robes who live within and around the Masai Mara as well as the wildlife species.

Tanzania Safari

serengeti safari lions tanzania

Tanzania is bordered by Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and has some good things to see and do once someone visits the country. Tanzania is majorly known for the different national parks located in the area but most importantly the Great migration where large herds of animals are seen moving towards a destination that is conducive for them in terms of food and weather.

Tanzania has 16 national parks and some of these include Gombe stream national park, Ngorongoro national park and others. You will also be able to view over 1100 bird species found in the country and over 25000 animals during your stay in the country.

Serengeti National park:

This park is located north of Tanzania and is a classic safari destination which is home to many of the major population of mammals

on the earth. The major attraction here is the annual wildebeest Migration. The park covers an area of never-ending plains which are scattered with lone trees. Each year between the months of December to July, many hoofed animal species wander athwart the Serengeti ecosystem, as they move in-between Masai Mara and Serengeti Park that is also shared by the unfenced borders.

Wildebeest Migration Tanzania:

Serengeti National Park harbors large wildlife populace including the big five of Africa, these include; lions and its considered to be hosting the largest number of lions. It also has over 500 bird species including the raptors. The national park is also filled with vast plains as well as open horizons which make the unmatched African safari experience of a life time.

Botswana Safari Africa

botswana elephants safari

Botswana is a good safari place as it is known for being one of the countries that is good and big on wildlife conservation and that are why it has many game parks where the animals are located at. The country has an anti-poaching policy that has very harsh repercussions if one is found poaching.

Botswana has one of the largest populations of elephants which are located in Chobe National park, the Moremi Nature reserve where one can find the big five, the central Kalahari game reserve and the Nxai National park. Botswana also has one of the best cultural experiences in the country and this makes it a good destination for safari lovers.

Chobe National Park:

This national park is located north of Botswana and is a dwelling place to the most concentration of game, with its area boasting the biggest population of elephants in Africa. The park covers an area of about 1200km2 and covers an ecosystem ranging from dry plains as well as dry channels of fertile grasslands, watery swamps, dense woods etc. its unique habitant also supports rich and high diversity of birds and wild animals as well as 40000 elephant herds.

This national park is also well known for its excellent and unique game viewing as well as boat cruises down River Chobe. It attracts lots of birds and animals. Savuti Marsh also lies in the south western part of the park and hosts variety of wildlife mostly the predators and the elephant bulls. The best time for one to go game driving in the Chobe Park is during winter (April to October) since you are able to view lots of animals like; the zebras, buffalos, giraffes, antelopes, as well as the wildebeest that get together at the water source.

The Okavango Delta is also located in the northern Botswana and is the top safari destination in Africa, even though not found inside the park, the delta offers beautiful and unique safari adventures and is usually visited in combination with Chobe National Park.

South Africa Safari

safari in south africa

South Africa is where one can get to experience the best African safaris. After the end of the apartheid in the country in 1994, the country has been a budding destination for all those who want to experience an African safari at its best. For those that want to relax, Johannesburg and Cape Town provide the best beaches where one can relax from while on a safari.

you will find many safari companies with trained tour guides that will take you on the best safari adventures through the Kruger national park where you will see various wild animals during the drive through, the kwazulu natal where the Isimangaliso and Hlihluwe-Imfolozi park are located with the various animals and birds and you will be able to see the big five.

Kruger National Park:

This park is South Africa’s top destinations and among of the world’s best game parks. It covers an area of about 19485kms of undestroyed bush and is habitat to the unrivalled variety of wildlife. It harbors over 145 species of mammals with over 500 species of birds. It’s also home to the best Africa’s big five and other wildlife species including; the hippos, crocodiles, wild dogs, giraffes, cheetahs as well as antelopes. This national park is also maintained and can easily be accessed as a head in massive conservation practices.

Namibia Safari

namibia safari

Namibia is located in the southwestern coast in Africa and it is one of the least populated countries in the world. Namibia is largely covers with the Namibia desert and Kalahari. It has two million people living in this country which is streaming with a large number of wild life animals and birds despite the desert conditions.

Namibia has 12 parks which are all filled with different wild animals and birds that offer much to see and the orange sand dunes in Sossuslvei are what you should not miss as this is an experience that everyone should not miss.

Once you decide to safari in Namibia, be sure that you will see the cape cross real reserve which has a population of over 500’000 wild animals and it is where you will find the largest  cape fur seal colonies in the while world. The different parks in Namibia like Bwabwata National. Park which is a good park for birding especially since it is surrounded by a wetland, Etosha National park is known to be one of the most dry parks and it is a home to a wide range of wild animals including the Big five and Kahaudum National park which is a home to hyenas, the big five and Roan antelope. And not forgetting the Namibia cultural desert life which needs to be experienced by everyone.

Etosha National Park:

This national park is Namibia’s top game reserve and is also said to be one of the finest national parks in Africa. This park covers an area of about 22270km of the wilderness in the northern Namibia and is also centered on the stark white Etosha Pan with wide horizons and dancing mirages. Its setting is great for spotting wildlife at the watering hole especially because of the arid and open landscape.

Etosha National Park is habitat to rare and unusual wild animals as well as the Big Five found in Africa including the tallest elephants around the globe. After the rains, the cracked clay land transforms into the expanses of blue green algae, lush grasslands, woodlands which attract an abundance of game as well as birds like the water birds and flamingos. More so, the most common wildlife sighting also include; Rhinos, elephants, lions, Giraffes, antelopes, leopards, cheetahs. Winter is also the perfect time for going game viewing, since the undergrowth is thin and the animals gather at the watering holes.

This unique list of Africa’s top national parks provides an opening to variety of Africa’s wildlife safaris and is also a good beginning point for preparing your safari to Africa. Each of these national parks gives you a fantastic and exclusive safari experience filled with beauty and strength, which makes it one of the best game reserves in Africa.

Rwanda Safari Holidays

rwanda safari

Rwanda is majorly known for the mass genocide that rocked the place in 1994 and the aftermath which left many dead while others were exiled from the country. But still this does not mean that the country is not a good destination for a safari.

You will be able to see different types of gorillas that are located in the volcano es National park and you will view the big five in the Nyungwe National park. The safari in Rwanda will show the different museums that show you what really happened during the genocide, the remains of some and the mass graves where others were buried.

The Rwandan government has seen to it that many of the tourist attractions sites have been upgraded and that the tourist sector is in a conducive state which has led to the increase in tourists and it has also led to the country to be considered as one of the best safari destinations in Africa.

Zambia Wildlife Safaris

zambia safari

Zambia might not be as common as other safari destinations but it definitely ranks in the top best African safaris. Zambia has 20 National parks which include the South Luangwa National park which is a good birding spot for birding with over 400 bird species and other wild animals, the Lochinvar National park, Kafue National park where you will be able to see different animals in the area.

A safari to Zambia will give you an insight on what the African culture is all about and you will be able to experience the good hospitality of the locals found in the area and get the different souvenirs that are sold at the different tourist entrances ranging from art craft to beads and others.

Malawi Safaris & Tours

safari in malawi

Malawi is a small country in Africa which is located in between countries and it might be hard to locate on the map but it has an impressive wildlife which makes it a good place for a safari. Malawi is known to be one of the largest biodiversity countries in the world as Lake Malawi covers almost a third of the countries land.

The lake acts as a habitat to over 650 bird species and other aquatic life and it also has over 200 animals that are found in the different parts of the country.  You will be able to see animals like Lions, hyenas, elephants which are estimate to be about 14000 in number, monkeys and the country is also known for her abundant fauna which covers most parts of the country and the fauna is calculated to be at about 5500 species that are all different from each other. Malawi also has other parks that you can visit like the Vwaza Marsh, Mulanje mountain forest reserve, the Kasanka National park which is privately owned, the Lake Bangweulu basin with over 400 bird species, among others and not forgetting their indigenous culture that they have not forgotten and keep on practicing.


These best national parks can be joined with the safari places of interest and game parks within the best African safari nations. For example; the Okavango Delta and Chobe Park in Botswana, the Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti of Tanzania, and Masai Mara and the Amboseli in Kenya. You can also decide to visit all the above best 5 national parks at once on the same African Safari or opt out of and go for Cape Verde tours.

Safari is a Swahili word which means journey. It’s is noted that African safaris have existed for close to 200 years after being created during the Victorian era by William Cornwalls Harris and it became popular through Ernest Hemingway and  Jules Verne who were authors.

African safaris have evolved with years form just hunting to watching, enjoying drives and taking photos to remember the wonderful experience and most of the safaris that are enjoyed by tourists are wildlife safaris due to the large number of wild animals the different game parks located in the different parks in Africa and all these safaris can be enjoyed according to your budget.


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