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Best Water Falls in Uganda

Waterfalls in Uganda

Water Falls are a mass of water that drops off a cliff rapidly. All water Falls are a beauty to see but the feeling and experience that you get when you visit each Water Fall is different from and this is what creates the thrill.

Water Falls and the activities carried out there are not for the faint hearted but that does not mean that if you go there you will not have any fun at all. They provide a refreshing experience for people and those who want to relax, this is the right place to go.

Uganda is filled with a lot of beautiful scenery to see and one of them is the numerous waterfalls that are located in the different parts of Uganda. Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa and the breathtaking waterfalls are a confirmation to this showing you how she is gifted by nature.

The water falls in Uganda are accessible almost throughout the year and this is what makes them unique but they are best seen during the Rainy season since during this time the water levels increase by a large margin. There are numerous waterfalls in the country and today we are going to look at the different waterfalls and the activities that can be carried out when you visit these beautiful God given sites.

murchison falls safari

Murchison falls

Murchison falls is the most common among tourists due to its height of 43 meters and width of seven meters. It runs on the rocky dunes on the west Nike between Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga. For those who love water rafting, you will get to have fun on one of the world’s scariest falls where the rapids run at. Speed of 80 kilometers.

A visit to Murchison falls within also let you experience seeing the falls crash into a chasm which creates a unique view and sound. Murchison falls also known as where the electricity is produced and you get to view the devil’s cauldron and rainbows at their best.

The falls fall into the Victoria Nile and you will also find a park where you can view the different animals found in the area. Some of the activities that can be carried out at Murchison falls include kayaking, fishing and water rafting.

The Sipi falls

Located in Eastern Uganda in Kapchorwa district, Sipi falls take the award for being the most beautiful falls in Uganda. A visit to the falls gives you a chance to climb the Elgon Mountain on which the falls Cascade down onto. The Sipi falls give you a chance to view the surrounding areas at a high peak and enjoy the view of the place and Eastern Uganda.

The different activities that you can carry out when you decide to visit the site falls and these include mountain bike racing, Bird watching,

Ssezibwa falls

Ssezibwa falls is located on the Ssezibwa River and it has quite an interesting story on how it came into existence. According to the Baganda, a woman who belonged to the Kibe clan gave birth to twins but one of the twins was not human, the other twin was a river. The woman known as Nakangu named the river Ssezibwa and that’s how it came into existence.

The locals still believe the river inhabits the spirits and you will find shrines surrounding the falls where people visit to cleanse their bodies from bad omen. The waterfalls run over a few quartzite rocks before being separated into two which gives off a good view.

The different activities that can be done on the ssezibwa falls include boat riding, kayaking, fishing among other activities.

Bujagali falls

Bujagali falls are found in Jinja and they run over the Nike River which is the longest river in the whole world. The falls are where the dam was built to start the creation of electricity in Uganda and the two combined are a good way for one to spend their weekend with the wonderful scenery.

The different activities that can be done on Bujagali falls include bungee jumping, kayaking, sports fishing, Horseback riding and white water rafting which is the most carried out activity in the area.

Kisizi falls

Kisizi falls are found on Kyabambe River and they are found in Rukungiri district deep in the Kigezi hills and they rise to a height of 27 meters high. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery of forests and it is located in a very secluded area.

The Kisizi falls have a myth surrounding them and it is said that the falls from way back were used to be used by families for pregnant girls who were not married. These girls were pushed down to cliff as a warning to other girls to remain virgins till they were married. Then one time, there is a girl who was to be pushed by the brother and father but when the time came for pushing her, she held onto both and they fell down the falls and these are the sounds that are heard when one visits the falls, the sounds of the family calling onto themselves.

The different activities that can be carried out when one visit the Kisizi falls include sky trail, bird watching, walk through the Kisizi falls cave to get a clear view of the falls, hiking and forest walks around the Falls.


Mpanga falls 

These are also known as Beaton falls and it flow into Lake George. Mpanga Falls rise up to 50 meters and they give off a beautiful scenery due to the rocks in the area and some of the things you can do here is to watch birds, the Cycad trees and boat riding among others.

Itanda Falls

these are located along river Nile and they can hardly be missed as one heads to Jinja . although they are not easy to reach, it is a serene place which is only 27 kilometers from Jinja town and it is rarely visited by tourists making it maintain its natural beauty.

it is considered to be a sacred place by the local people who pray to get healing from the area. you can also enjoy Kayaking, All terrain safari, fishing, biking, water rafting and birding among other activities.

Aruu Falls

These Falls are located in Pader district in Northern Uganda as you head towards Queen Elizabeth National Park and they cascade down the slippery rocks creating an enticing scenery to the viewers.  There are several activities you can do at Aruu Falls and these include rock climbing, sport fishing, birding, swimming and nature walks.

Karuma falls

These are formed along the Victoria Nile and they are a result of rock formations and this is where the beautiful Falls flow down and they are located near Murchison falls National Park in Gulu and Masindi district and it is connected with the Karuma bridge. It creates foam which is white in color and it is where the Karuma power station is located.

Even though before it was a bit hard to visit the Karuma Falls due to the war caused by the Lord’s resistance movement, it is very easy to visit now because the place is now peaceful with enough security. The activities that can be carried out at Karuma Falls include birding, Boat cruising and you also get to see the different wild animals around the area.

Nkusi water falls

Located on Lake Albert, Nkusi falls are found in Hoima district in Bugoma forest. The cascading falls give off a unique flow of the falls and they can be seen only when one gets a boat from Ntoroko near Semiliki due to their hidden nature. You can enjoy the peaceful surrounding nature, boat riding, spot fishing and bird watching.

Mahoma water falls

Mahoma falls are located in Ruteete along fort portal Kamwenge road and they have become a major tourist attraction for those visiting Fort portal. They are found on River Mahoma which was formed due to the volcanic eruptions that took place in that area. Mahoma falls will give you good scenery that is serene and you will be able to carry out the different activities which include biking, birding, rock climbing and many more other impressive activities.

Ripon falls

 Rippon falls are located at the Lake Victoria on the River Nile in Jinja district and they were discovered by John Speke and he marked them as the source of the Nile. They are believed to be about Five meters high and 275 meters wide although the Owen Falls dam has submerged them.

The activities that can be carried out when you visit Ripon Falls include water rafting, boating, kayaking and other interesting activities.

Owen Falls

Owen Falls are located on River Nile in Jinja district and it is commonly known as Nalubaale by the locals. it now houses the Owen falls dam where electricity is produced. The different activities carried out on Owen Falls include Kayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping and horseback riding.