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Kenya Family Safari

Kenya has over the years been a great choice family safari holidays. Most Parents have opted for Kenya because of its safety, natural landscapes, rewarding wildlife (the Big 5), cultural diversity, good weather, family-friendly beaches along the dazzling coastline. Not forgetting that Kenya also hosts the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Masai-Mara.

Someone may wonder which reasons to have a family safari in Kenya, but some of the reasons are as follows;

  • Opportunity to hike, swim in the river and camel trekking
  • Rewarding Game viewing with an opportunity to see the Big 5
  • Visiting a Masai cultural village and make a bow and arrow with the tribesmen
  • Engaging in various watersports and also unwinding along the golden sand beaches
  • Comfortable accommodation to stay while on safari
  • Great ambiance at beach hotels which are surrounded by stunning pools and lush gardens

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Things to do and Places to Visit while on a Family Safari in Kenya

Masai-Mara National Reserve

This is one of the world’s best wildlife destinations. It is located in the Southwest of Kenya along the Tanzanian border, it has a river known as the Mara River which flows from North to South through the reserve and in it are big numbers of crocodiles and hippos, these make crossing of the river extremely dangerous by the wildebeests and zebras which cross it during their Annual Migration.It is also home to Jackals, elephant, buffaloes, impalas, gazelles, hyenas, lions, cheetahs, leopards, warthogs among others as well as different bird species.

As a family you can spend an unforgettable safari in the Masai Mara plains on game drives watching the Annual wildebeest migration ortracking big cats, on a guided bush walk led by an armed ranger guide or a scenic hot air balloon safari above the plains. You can also visit any of the Maasai homesteads, see how they live, interact with their children and also support them by buying some of the crafts or beads made by the women.

If you are planning to take your children to any of the wildlife reserves make Masai-Mara your number one choice, they will have memorable experience with the extraordinary nature the Mara brings.

Southern Rift Valley

This is part of the Kenyan Great Rift Valley, it includes; cities and towns like Nairobi, Nakuru (home to Lake Nakuru a birder’s haven with beautiful flamingos), Naivasha (with Lake Naivasha which is a fresh water lake with amazing resorts and hotels hence a great gateway for your family).

There are also national Parks, hat you can visit in this region and near it such as; Amboseli NP, Aberdare NP, and Lake Nakuru NP among others.

Connecting to the southern Rift Valley is easier especially for family safaris since the distances are shorter, scenic variety, better roads, child-friendly national parks among others, it has a lot to offer to your family.

Lamu Island and Diani Beach

It is possible to visit any place along the coastline in Kenya and have a good time with your family. However, there is something unique about spending time with your family on Lamu Island and chilling on the sand of Diani beach.

Lamu Island is a cultural place and known as the “land of dhows”. Therefore you could sail along the sea to watch the beautiful sunset or engage in watersports like swimming, snorkeling along with the dolphins- this is unforgettable

Diani Beach ranks among Africa’s leading destinations and I tell you, you wouldn’t want your family to miss enjoying the sea breeze along this beach. It’s located approximately 30km south of Mombasa. The white sand and turquoise water are to leave you mesmerized. There is also enough accommodationwith hostels, honeymoon tree houses, beach resorts, and hotels among others.


The accommodation facilities are family-friendly in all places you would want to visit be it; the Masai Mara, Mombasa, Amboseli NP or even the beached and islands. The facilities include; tented camps, luxury hotels, luxury lodges and private villas among others.

Some high-class lodges, specifically those of honeymoon or romanceor with same market, are strict about children especially the minimum age limit allowed. However,other lodgeswelcome every age group and have friendly activitiesyour children can engage in.


The most friendly transport means is using Safari vehicles which is comfortable for children, public transportthat is usually used in cities and towns of Kenya may not be easy for the children.  If you are planning to hire a car, a child seat belt is recommended. In some places where the attractions are far, you can opt to fly to such places with long distances.

What to Pack

You can get some things from any supermarkets in the country but they might not be the same brands you use home and some tend to be expensive; therefore pack for your child as many things as possible like; Canned baby foods, powered milk, disposable nappies, insect repellents (child-friendly), child seat belt and seat in case you are hiring a vehicle.

In a nutshell, Kenya is just a perfect destination to visit with your family, expect to have comfort, fresh air, a lot of sunshine, and memorable experiences. I promise you the children will enjoy every bit of the safari hence creating unforgettable memories that they will live to share even when they grow up.