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3 Day Kenya Safari

3 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari

The 3 Days Kenya wildlife safari begins and ends in Nairobi. It will take you to the Masaai-Mara National Reserve situated in the southwestern part of Kenya about 280km from Nairobi, it was established in 1961 and covers an area of 1,510 km2, stretching via western region of Kenya’s Rift valley through the Masaai community and Narok county.

The reserve is famously known for the annual Wildebeest migration which is a true Natural wonder, they migrate from the Masai-Mara crossing at Mara River and proceed to Tanzania’s great Serengeti Plains. The Masai Mara migration involves wildebeests together with other animals like the Thomson’s Gazelles, Elands and Zebras can be spotted crossing Mara River from July-August-September.Other animals found here include; crocodiles, lions, hippos, elephants, cheetahs and zebras.

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Safari Highlights

Day 1: Transfer from Nairobi to Masai-Mara

Day 2: Game Drive and Visit the Maasai community

Day 3: Return to Nairobi

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer from Nairobi to Masai-Mara

Pick up from your hotel in Nairobi by your driver guide and depart for Masai-Mara by 8:00 am. You will drive down the escarpment through the scenic rift valley floor as you spot various species of trees, you also pass via the well-known hot springs.

Have a stopover around Narok town to get some drinks and fuel up as you head to Mara. Upon arrival have lunch and by 4:00pm set out for an evening game drive through the reserve where you will see animals like Maasai Giraffes, wildebeests, lions, topis, elands, rhinos among others.

Return to the lodge of your choice, relax and have dinner.

Day 2: Masai Mara Game Drives and Visit the Maasai community

On this day you will enjoy game drives; the morning and evening game drives. Therefore be early to rise, enjoy a hefty breakfast, you will leave your lodge by 8:00am and head out. You will go through various game trails looking for wildlife species where you will see thousands of them such as; hippos, buffaloes, rhinos, warthogs, jackals, lions, cheetahs, zebras, wildebeests, topis, leopards among others.

You will drive towards the Mara River to watch wildebeests as they migrate/cross. If you are lucky, you will spectatethe once in a lifetime Natural wonder. Later have a picnic lunch just under tree sheds in the midst of the wilderness in Mara.

If you still have time, you can visit the Maasai community leaving near the reserve, it is a great time interacting with people of a different culture from yours.

Later drive back to the lodge via a number of sightings along the way, relax and enjoy dinner.

Day 3: Return to Nairobi

After breakfast, depart from the Mara and embark on a 6hours journey back to Nairobi, where your driver will drop you at the Airport for your flight back home or drop you off at your hotel. You will have lunch enroute.

End of 3 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari