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Safe Countries To Visit in Africa

Safe countries to visit in Africa

Africa is a wonderful continent gifted by nature in all the different countries that are found in it. Africa is known to be a place that has had endless wars but this does not mean that every country is plagued with them. In fact most of the countries in Africa are war free and the people who live in those countries are very hospitable when it comes to welcoming visitors in their country.

The beautiful scenery, hospitality from the locals, cultural diversity among others is what one should not miss once they decide to visit the African continent. This article shows you some of the safe places you can visit.

There are several countries that one can visit in Africa that are safe and some of these places are listed below

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Botswana is one of the few countries in Africa and it is rare or nonexistent for tourists who visit Botswana to experience crime in any way. There are many places to visit in Botswana and all these good security and some of these places include the Okavango Delta, chobe National park and you can also experience the zebra migration from December to March.

The tourism industry in Botswana is quite established with the different safaris ready to take you to the different adventures around the country especially in the wilderness. it is only in Botswana where you will see the wilderness at its best and the cultural history making it a good and safe destination area.


Tanzania has a good tourism industry and once you visit the country, you will find different safari companies waiting to take you on a pleasant drive to the different places in Tanzania. Tanzania is politically stable and it is extremely safe to visit.

Tanzania is well known for its wide range of game parks located in the different parts of the country and all these have security measures that have been put up by the government and note that Tanzania is also known to be historically safe for both the locals and tourists.


Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, this is the best place for a holiday destination in Africa due to the lovely Fauna and flora found on the Island. It has a variety of beautiful beaches, baobabs and landscape that is quite captivating. Madagascar is known for its good security and all the tourists are ensured of safety and the good hospitality from the locals.


Rwanda which is part of the East African Community is located in Central Africa and the best place to visit due to its beautiful scenery, history and unique culture. The tourism industry is still growing in Rwanda but it should be noted that after the Rwandan genocide, Rwanda is now a very stable country which is very keen on security.

It is also a good country which is known as the cleanest in Africa with its ban on Plastic bags and staunch rules of littering the environment. You can visit Rwanda throughout the year but the best time is between June and September which is a dry season.


This is a collection of Islands in Africa surrounded by the Indian Ocean and it is known as one of the safest places to visit in Africa as it is very rare to find crime in the area. Tourists rarely experience crime and it is also known to be politically stable and has a good tourism industry.

The best time to visit this safe haven is between October and November and April and May. There are very many resorts along the beach where one can stay during their stay in the country although you should be aware of the alligators in the water.


Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Senegal has the best hospitable people and it is known all throughout Africa and worldwide and the security in the country is tight. The best places one can visit in Senegal without worrying about crime include the Great mosque of touba, Lake Retba and the African Renaissance monument.


Although Kenya has been in the headlines for Alshabab attacks and previous political unrest, it can be termed as one of the safe places to visit in Africa especially its capital city Nairobi. There are different safari companies that take you to all your desire destinations in the country and they warn tourists of the coastal wars and Somalia borders so that necessary precautions are taken. You do not want to definitely miss a safari in Kenya to see the different wild beats and cultural heritage as you will be sure of security in the country.


Mauritius is an island in Africa and it is a safe country to visit. It is a good place to visit especially families who want to take vacations. The beautiful scenery and the shared history of the Multiculturalism in the country attract a lot of tourists.

Port Louis found in Mauritius is one of the wealthiest cities in Africa and the people have good standards of living and the security provided by the government is also an assurance of safety. Therefore visiting this Island is safe and you will be received with utmost hospitality from the locals. The best time to visit Mauritius is from May to November during the cool and dry weather and if you love rain the best time is between January and March.


Morocco is politically stable and has not faced any wars unlike her counterparts in Northern Africa. They are hospitable people but when visiting morocco be aware of the petty thieves who might want to pick your pockets. Those who are ardent fans when it comes to shopping Morocco is a good country to visit and you can enjoy shopping in one of the world’s largest bazaars. The best time to visit Morocco is between April and May and between September and October to avoid the scorching sun and heat. And with a very stable environment, you are aware of your safety.


Zambia is a very peaceful country and it is referred to as the heart of Africa. The locals receive visitors with total hospitality and the political security in the country is also good. You can experience the different wild life found in the country, wonderful scenery, cultural diversity and the different nature activities found in the country and you can visit the country all throughout the year.

South Africa

South Africa is known for being a multi cultural country and this has earned it the name the Rainbow County.  South Africa has a lot of destinations that one can go to like Cape Town and the coast where you can enjoy bird watching and relax at the different beaches.

After the apartheid, South Africa has been known to be a safe country to visit and the diverse culture is one thing that you do not want to miss when it comes to visiting the largest country in Africa. 7. Ghana


The Ghanaian government has invested quite a lot in its tourism sector and security making the country one of the few that can easily be accessed by tourists without fear of their safety. The locals are quite open and hospitable to the tourists and you can enjoy the beach during your vacation and the different wild life that is found in the different parks.


Namibia is a vast desert country with a sparse population as compared to other African countries. One can carry out different activities once they decide to visit Namibia and some of these include biking, birding, sky diving and quad biking. Safety precautions have been taken by the government to ensure that Namibia is crime free and politically stable making it a see place to visit the country and you can visit the country all throughout the year.


Located on southern Africa, it is unheard of to hear someone complaining about crime in the country. The country is sorted with different activities that one can do when they visit like Bird watching, enjoying the ride in the wild and relaxing along the beaches.

The tourism sector is functional and tourists are assured of their safe stay in the country due to the security measures taken to keep calm in the country.


Benin is one of the few African countries where people have chosen to actually stick to tradition. The history of the Dahomey kingdom is written in the ruins of the palaces that can be seen as one enters Benin. It is filled with very hospital people and a very safe place to visit and one can visit the parks while in the country and the different cultural sites. It is also believed that Benin is where voodoo magic and rituals originated from.

In conclusion, even if Africa is safe, there are other countries that I have left out due to the constant uprisings like Somalia, south Sudan, Cameroon, and Nigeria among others.