Bwindi Forest National Park Uganda

Mubare Gorilla Family Group

Meet the fascinating Mubare Gorilla Family Group.
Situated in the Buhoma region of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.
Mubare (also known as Mubale  / M Group)is the oldest habituated family of Gorillas in Uganda .

This Mubare Mountain Gorilla Group was actually the first to habituated within Uganda.  the Uganda Wildlife Authority In 1991 started the habituation process (which means that they are familiar to getting into contact with humans).  This process took about 2 years and by 1993 they started receiving tourist visitors.  The group was named after the gorgeous Mubare Hills in which this group was first seen. The Mubare family had 18 gorillas however because of some of them moving to different groups, life loss during fights as well as the death of a baby in 2009 this number reduced to 5 presently but however gorilla safaris in this group are much adorable.

This is a very pleasurable Group worth visiting within the Buhoma region in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Mubare Family Members:

•             Kanyonyi – the blackback

•             Kashundwe – the adult female

•             Muyambi – the sub-adult male

•             Malaika – the sub-adult female

•             Kashundwe baby – the infant