Bwindi Forest National Park Uganda

Rushegura Group Gorillas, Uganda Safari Tours

Rushegura Group situated in the Buhoma region in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where most tourists for for Uganda safari tours.

The Rushegura Group (as well called the R Group) is among the larger Groups of Gorillas

Rushegura Gorilla tours Group was in 2000 habituated and later opened in 2002 for tourism within the Buhoma region for gorilla tracking.  This Rushegura is a fragment group from Habinyanja group.  It is extremely active within the Buhoma region and covers a broad territory – sometimes going to Batwa village, UWA park-office Bwindi Waterfall and even Buhoma Camp, and such sightings are normally a bonus. These move into the adjacent Banana groves at times. Currently There are 19 Gorillas within the Rushegura Group. Insight Safari Holidays organizes Uganda gorilla tours to visit this gorilla family and many others.

Rushegura Family Members:  That you can see on Uganda safari trips.

•             Mwirima the dominant silverback

•             Kabukojo the blackback

•             Kyirinvi the adult female

•             Kibande the adult female

•             Buzinza the adult female

•             Nyamunwa the adult female

•             Karungyi the adult female

•             Kalembezi the sub-adult male

•             Ruterana a sub-adult female

•             Nyampazi a juvenile

•             Kafuruka a juvenile

•             Kibande baby a juvenile

•             Karungyi baby a juvenile

•             Kanywanyi a juvenile

•             Kyirinvi baby an infant

•             Buzinza baby an infant

•             Nyamunwa baby an infant

•             Kibande second baby an infant

•             Katabazi an infant