Habinyanja Group Family

Habinyanja Group Family Members:

•             Makara – the dominant silverback

•             Maraya the blackback

•             Mizano – the blackback which died – was caught in one of the poacher’s (who attacked with Dogs plus Spears) traps and brutally killed him in Mizano

•             Binyonko the adult female

•             Nyabuche the adult female

•             Nyamuhango the adult female

•             Rukundo the adult female

•             Kisho the adult female

•             Rugyendo the adult female

•             Kavuyo the sub-adult male


•             Ruyombo the sub-adult female

•             Malaika the juvenile female

•             Hamusini the juvenile

•             Elisa the juvenile

•             Rugyendo Baby infant

Binyonko Baby infant

•             Binyonko Baby the infant

Kisho Baby infant

•             Rukundo Baby infant

•             Nyabuche Baby the Newborn

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