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Victoria Falls Safari

The Victoria Falls is a massive waterfall also locally known as Mosi-a-Tunya which means “The Smoke that Thunders”. It’s located at the Zambian and Zimbabwe border on the Zambezi River in Southern Africa. It is a Natural Wonder with the largest falling water curtain in the world, it about 350ft tall and a more than a mile in width. Therefore, it has drown tourists from different parts of the world over the years.

In1989, This site was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is spectacular that you see the mist from the falls while you are far away from the waterfall itself.

The waterfall was discovered in 1855by a Scottish Explorer/Missionary known as David Livingstone. Some say he may not have been the first to set his eyes on the mighty falls, nevertheless, it is credited to him for naming the waterfall after the Queen of Britain- Victoria, and also for including it on the Map both figuratively and literally. A safari to the Victoria Falls is unforgettable and worth having it on your bucket list.

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Things to do at Victoria Falls

Get closer to the Waterfall

As earlier said that the Victoria Falls are shared by two countries, to be exact they are situated in 2 National Parks where one can get up close to them. The parks include; Victoria Falls National Park(Zimbabwe) and the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park(Zambia). The experience you get in either of the parks is quite different but either ways you can still get so close to the thundering water.

Depending on which time of the year you travel, the experiences from the Victoria Falls are also different. In months like April, May and June Zambia is at the peak flow, this time there are about 5 different sections of the falls roaring. And in the dry season around November, some of these sections dry up.

On the side of Zimbabwe, you will find a trail just opposite the large stretch of the water hence during the peak flow, 4 of the 5 different sections are spotted; the Main falls, Devil’s Cataract, the Horseshoe falls and the Rainbow falls.

Fly above the fall

When you visit Victoria Falls when the water flow is high it is fun but for those interested in flying above might miss out on the clear view of the falls since the smoke formed by the water covers the area. But you really need to fly above the falls.

The available options to fly above are two; fly by microlights or helicopters. All you get are amazing and the best views of this Natural Wonder, you can also view well the stunning scenery around the Mosi-oa-Tunya. A 15minute flight/ride above these falls is absolutely exhilarating!

Kick-start your Adrenaline

Victoria Falls is ahome of a number of adventurous activities and Bungee Jumping is one of them. Bungee jumping is done while you jumpfrom the Victoria Falls bridge (on Zambian side) towards the mighty moving waters of the Zambezi River. It is safe to jump off the bridge since record show its safety as 99.9% and over 50,000 people enjoy bungee jumping every year.

You can also opt for the Gorge swing from the bridge, it scary but notably cheaper than the bungee jump. You can do the two at once to double the fun!

Enjoy an adventure on the Zambezi

Victoria Falls is one of the best places to experience white water rafting in the world and this activity is not to be missed while on safari, it’s a thrilling experience.

Canoeing down the ZambeziRiver especially when the river is too high. Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river banks, you will spot some hippos, birds and other wildlife species.

A sunset cruise along the Zambezi can be opted for since this setting is truly magnificent with spectacular sunsets. In the evening after an action-packed day, you can sit on the boat with a drink and cruise along the river gazing at the sunsets plus looking out for different wildlife along the River banks.

Set out for a Canopy Tour on the Victoria Falls

This activity works for even those on family safaris since it is mild adventurefavorable for both children and adults. You take the Canopy walk through the forest over rivers and trees of the Zambezi gorge. During a canopy walk you can have great views of the Vic Falls Bridge, Zambezi River and the Curtain of The Victoria Falls. These tours usually take about 2 hours and 30minutes.

Swim in the Devil’s Pool

If your safari to visit theVictoria Falls is the dry season, you can have an opportunity to go swimming in the Devil’s Pool. This is a natural pool is formed at the top of the Victoria Falls when the water is low. You can jump in the pool for anexciting experience of swimming, it is only a small rock that separates and the deadly trembling water of the Zambezi.

Swimming in the pool is not for the faint hearted and it is very dangerous but rewarding.

Where to stay

Where to stay depends on which side of the falls you are, because in both countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe there are a number of guesthouses and lodges to spend a night it, they are with qualifies staff, good meals and above all comfortable. The accommodation options range from Luxury to budget lodges.

Some on the side of Zimbabwe include; Ilala Lodge, Batonka, Guest LodgeVictoria Falls Hotel, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge,Sprayview Hotel,Bayete Guest Lodge, and The Elephant Camp.

Those on the Zambian side include; Avani Victoria Falls Resort Kayube Estate Zambezi River, Wateberry Zambezi Lodge, Camp Nkwazi, Victoria Falls Waterfront, Tongabezi Lodge and many more.

The Victoria Falls are located at the Zimbabwe and Zambian border which is found on the Zambezi River in the southern part of Africa. The Victoria Falls are locally known as the Mosi-a- Tunaya which can be losely translated as The smoke that Thunders. The Falls are over 350 feet and run over a mile in width.

The Victoria Falls were discovered by a missionary explorer known as David Livingston in 1855. He might not have been the first person to view the Falls, but he was the one who named them after the Queen of Britain Victoria and also included it on the world map. A safari to the Victoria Falls is an experience that one should not miss when they visit either Zambia or Zimbabwe.

They are one of the largest Falls in the world and can either be viewed from Zambia or Zimbabwe although most people believe that Zimbabwe has the best view of the Falls although Zambia also offers different spots where you can view the falls from.

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There are activities that one can do when they visit the Victoria falls and I have listed a few of them below.

The Victoria Falls bridge and the Falls

The victoria Falls bridge is commonly known for bungee jumping especially for those who love thrilling experiences. The bridge was designed from England and transported in pieces and was pieced together on site.The bridge is a link along the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia and was completed in 1906. If you love bungee jumping, this is the right place to visit.

The Falls are over 17 kilometers wide and they fall to over 70 to 108 meters per minute into the chasm below. They are made up of five main Falls which include the Main Falls, Rainbow Falls, Horseshoe Falls and the Devil’s cataract all found in Zimbabwe and the Eastern Cataract found at the border of Zambia.

Visit the Devil Cataract

Due to the depth of the Falls which fall to over 70 to 108 meters below into a chasm, it is believed that before the arrival of the missionaries this place was used as a scribing all alter by many locals who were seeking for blessings, riches and many more other blessings. But with the arrival of the missionaries the act of sacrifices was frowned upon and called a devil’s practice and this is how the place got it’s name. Visit the place and see the wonderful place and get to know about it’s history.

The Eastern Cataract

The Eastern Cataract are located on the Eastern side of the Victoria Falls on the Zambian side. The Falls are the deepest at a height of 101 meters and they have a good view from the Zimbabwe side. Visit the place and get a breathtaking experience.

The Main Falls

The main Falls give off a magnificent view with their wide water curtain which flow into the chasm at 93 meters. This is the point which provides the best view of the Victoria Falls beacuse the water flows at a 700,000 cubic square meters every minute.when you are inthis area, you will experience what they call one of the wonders of the world and view the vast rain forests that are found in the area.

The Horseshoe Falls

This section of the Falls is shaped like a horse shoe and it is 95 meters deep. It is not as common as the rest of the Falls because it dries up around October and November the dry season. So the best time to visit to the Horseshoe Falls is during the rainy season.

The Rainbow Falls

These got their name due to the presence of a rainbow that is very visible when you are at this point on the Victoria falls. These falls arun for 108 meters deep and these are the deepest Falls among the others.

Ride on the Zambezi River

If you are a fun of adrenaline games, this is the best place to visit. A safari to the Victoria Falls will also let you enjoy white water rafting on the Zambezi River and canoeing. As you canoe along the Zambezi River, you will also be able to see the different aqua life in the water like hippos, crocodiles and many more bird species including migratory birds.

You will also be able to enjoy a picnic on the banks of the Zambezi River as you watch the sunset . The rafting and canoeing are some of the activities that one has to experience in their life time so you should not miss a safari to the Victoria Falls.

Visit the Falls and get a closer look

A visit to the Victoria Falls also depends on the time that you have visited and since the Falls are in two counties, the Falls cover game parks which you can visit when you go to the Falls and these include

The Mosi-ow-Tunya National Park in Zambia

The Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park is located at the Northern part of the Zambezi River . It is a small Park that has only harbivores and no predators lurking around the park. The park has numerous animal species which include the Zebras, warthogs, elephants, antelopes, giraffes and many more other animals.

The park also has a variety of bird species and these amount to over 350 species and some of these include the Balck stork, corncrake, African skimmer, Taita Falcon, Salty Egret, African finfoot, Pallid harrier, Great snipe and many more others.

You can enjoy game drives in the park as you view the different animals that are found in the area and also enjoy the view that is given off by the Victoria Falls.

The Zambezi National park

The Zambezi National Park has a variety of animals that can be seen and these include zebras, elephants, lions, Impalas, Rhinos, sable antelopes, waterbucks, leopards, buffalos and other animal species. Since the park borders the Zambezi River, one can see the different fish species that are in the River especially the common Tiger fish species.

You can also enjoy game drives through the Zambezi National Park and also enjoy guided walks through the Park especially in the evu as you wind down the day.

Visit the Devil’s pool and the Boiling pot

The Devil’s pool is a natural pool which is formed at the top of the Victoria Falls especially when the water levels are low. You can go and have a swim during the day season and cool off from the heat if the day. An dwhen you are up here, you get to see the wonderful Zambezi River which is sepertaed from the pool with just a mere rock.

The boiling point is found in the place where the Victoria Falls collide with the Zambezi River causing the water to have smoke like features. The way the water forms makes it look like the water is bioling and hence the name boiling pot.

Explore the Rain forest and Big tree

The big tree is a big baobab which has been in the place since time I’m memorial and is located near the Falls. It is known to be twenty meters in height and 16 meters wide. It is a good place to rest from before you continue your tour around the Victoria Falls.

The Rain Forward I’d due to the flowing water from the Falls and the Zambezi River. There are different species of Flora and fauna found in the Rain forest like the palm trees, fig trees and many more other tree species. You can also view the difference bird species found in the forests like the African skimmer. Enjoy bicycle rides in the rain forest and guided walks in the forest.

A visit to the David Livingstone statue

The David Livingstone sattue is found near the Devil’s cataract at the left side of the Falls. This is the statue of the first explorer who came and discovered the falls in 1855. It’s a very large statue and the local tour guides can tell you of the history of the place as you enjoy the breathtaking view of the Victoria Falls.

The best seasons to visit the Falls is during the rainy season as the water Falls will keep on having a constant supply of water. Although you can still visit the falls all throughout the year and enjoy the Victoria Falls.

The best view of the Victoria Falls is from above in a helicopter or microlights. You will be able to see the Falls and how they Cascade down into the chasm and enjoy the smoke that is formed when the water flows down. The helicopter ride is not more than 15 minutes and you will enjoy this wonderful experience of the Falls from above.

There are good accommodation that facilitate all budgets facilities that one can sleep in when they visit the Falls.