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Uganda Car Hire

When visiting any place in Uganda either business and or pleasure, there are various means of transport but renting a car is one of the first catching ways of getting around the Pearl of Africa. There are quite a number of outlets countrywide that give you a chance to rent a car and have your freedom of traveling in your own time and at your own convenience. These provide you with some of the widest vehicle selections at affordable prices. Here is a look at some of the common car rental companies in Uganda.


With a number of cars like the 4×4 land cruisers, saloon cars, double cabins, lorries and mini-buses, Car Rental Uganda is a car hire company that offers one of the best, affordable and lowest costs when you rent a car with them. Putting aside the cars available for rent, this car hire company has other services it offers to its customers like the reliable and much cost effective vehicles, self drives and the chauffeur services as well.

The staff here is friendly and has been in existence for 10 and more years because of their unbeatable prices and very well maintained vehicles suitable for all budgets and occasions. The guides and or drivers are well experienced and qualified in things to do with transport and tourism and have vast knowledge in flora, fauna and wildlife.

These car hire services extend all the way till Juba in the Southern Sudan, Tanzania, Kigali Rwanda and Kenya’s Nairobi while the pickup points are at the International Airport in Entebbe, the capital city in Kampala and Jinja. However car drop off can be done at nearly all urban locations in Uganda.



This car hire company is a legally registered one whose main dedication is to provide its clients with the highest quality of car rental systems and whose main mission is to stand out as a recognized provider of quality valued solutions and unique values offered in the line of car rentals.  The Expedient Car Hire Company has a very secure, simple and stress-free system where you can make your reservations very quickly whenever in need of a vehicle.

Booking your means of transport with this company comes with a great deal of benefits and among these is the zero costs when it comes to booking, the very exclusive discounts on the expedient automobiles, the unlimited mileage and the very unusual low rates. Some of the other advantages of getting your car from here is that you get to pick out the vehicle of your choice from a wide range of them with no hidden costs and you get to have a free licensed driver as an addition.


This car hire company is one of those that offers the most affordable, trusted, cheap and reliable services when it comes to hiring out any kind of vehicle in Uganda. The cars are very comfortable and are inclusive of some of the following; 4×4 wagons, saloon cars, mini buses, vans and coasters to mention but a few that can be able to accommodate two persons to over 30 people.

Some of the other services offered by this car hire company include the pick-ups from the airport, the chauffeurs for hire that can take you even on safaris and many other remarkable services. The company also makes available self-drives thus those that interested in being their own drivers when in Uganda are also catered for.

These vehicles are all not only in good shape but also perfect for both the countryside and the city center as well. The bookings for the kind of car you’d want can be completed online in not more than a minute. The charges for the vehicle cover all taxes like the insurance and the local tax on the mileage basis. However, the type of car that you want and will get is all entirely reliant on what kind of travel plan you have in store and also the kind of budget you are on.

The beauty about this car hire company is that you can pick or drop your car anywhere in Uganda since its locations are somewhat widespread in the country.


Are you looking for a car to rent while spending sometime in Uganda? Well then, book and get yourself any car of your choice from Self Drive Uganda. These have got 4×4’s that are just the perfect fit for when on a guided self drive safari and the beauty is that they not only come at the cheapest cost but are also very well maintained and in the ideal condition favorable for letting you experience the greatest self driving voyage you could ever have in Uganda.

These vehicles come fully equipped and installed with camping gear and GPS navigation that helps ease and give your camp experience a touch of class. The Self Drive in Uganda Car Hire Company has gained experience over the 8 years that it has spent in the travel business which has helped it learn to deal with its different clients and their interests from all around the globe. Some of the available vehicles are the 4×4 Land Cruisers that come with pop-up rooftops and the 4×4 Rav4’s that let you have one of the best adventures while in Uganda.

With our vehicles, you can explore a number of leisure centers and enjoy vacations the Ugandan way in your own time. The places to visit are all entirely dependent  on the kinds of interests you have; like sightseeing at the lakes, mountains, national parks and or cities to mention but a few. These cars can also be used on other occasions like during business meetings, city tours, airport transfers and even when going out on personal dates and not necessarily when going on a wildlife tour.

The only thing you have to do is make earlier bookings on when you would love to travel and also on whether you would like to have a driver accompany you on your tour. In no time you will simply be enjoying your holiday in Uganda.


If you ever find yourself in need of a car for rent and or hire, then you should look no further than the Uganda Self Drive Car Hire Company which is located in the capital Kampala.  This company, deals mostly with 4×4 wheel vehicles and many of its staff are specialists and experts when it comes to having vast knowledge about cars. One of its major aims is offering a very special personal service to those travelers whose interest is exploring the Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

For over 10 years, the company has delivered to its clients that travel Uganda a very distinguished car hire service especially since its rates are incredibly cheap from as little as $30 in a day for self-drive cars in Rwanda and Uganda. It also has got self drive programs that are for those who wish to be independent and having the freedom of exploring the Pearl of Africa on their own. Self drives are one of those extraordinary ways of experiencing Uganda with much flexibility and freedom. These come in various packages that suit all kinds of preferences and budgets that have itineraries that cover thousands of attractions and historically significant places.

The vehicles are able to withstand any condition and can take you anywhere like going to see the gorillas, touring the national parks, going to the remote villages and any other place across the country. Pick up of the vehicles can be done directly from the Entebbe International Airport as you proceed to enjoy the stunning scenery ahead of you.

There are many more car hire companies available all around the country that you can get to make a pick from. These have wide selections of vehicles suitable for all occasions and terrains that are comfortable, perfect and just what you need to enjoy your stay when in Uganda.