Bwindi Forest National Park Uganda

Nshongi Gorilla Safari

Nshongi Group is presently the largest Gorilla Group within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Situated in Rushaga region in the Southern Bwindi


Nshongi Gorilla Group:  today is the biggest Gorilla group which has been habituated (meaning that they familiar to humans).  once it comprised of 35 members but today there are 25 following a family quarrel and saw 10 members leave under the headship of Mishaya a silverback. It is situated in the Rushaga region in the southwestern part of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  The group was named after River Nshongi which flows in that area.

The establishment of this family was celebrated by UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) and this was attended by several celebrities and actually the gorillas turned into stars to the “Friend a Gorilla” program which was set up at that same time.

This group is in general healthy with a few injuries sometimes from fights.


Nshongi Family Members:

•             Nshongi a dominant silverback

•             Kakono the 2nd silverback

•             Bweza a blackback

•             Matama a blackback

•             Busasa a blackback

•             Bwire a blackback

•             Munnywa a blackback

•             Kutu a blackback

•             Tinfayo a blackback

•             Munini an adult female

•             Shida an adult female

•             Bukojo an adult female

•             Nyampundu an adult female

•             Bwiruka an adult female

•             Tindatine a juvenile

•             Mahoro a juvenile

•             Mureba a juvenile

•             Rurehuka a juvenile

•             Mucunguzi a juvenile

•             Kazani an infant

•             Katoono an infant

•             Mukiza an infant

•             Ninsiima an infant

•             Bwiruka baby an infant

•             Rotary an infant