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Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda ,Canopy Walk & Primates

Nyungwe Primates Rwanda

For those looking for the primates or the birds will also want to be sure to spend the time in Nyungwe National park. This forest is also packed with huge array of fauna and flora throughout the park which is 1000 sq km. the primates in Nyungwe are also a reward for a walk through the forest with its viewing points and the waterfalls. There are also 13 species and these include chimpanzees, L’Hoest’s Monkey and the Angola colobus.

Birding in Nyungwe

The bird lovers can also imagine the enjoyment of viewing the great blue Turaco, as well as the many of 300 bird species that are found in the park. Nyungwe Forest National Park is also an albertine rift montane rain forest. This albertine rift also forms the epicenter of Africa’s montane rain forest circle. It’s also occupied by many mountain chains, as it originates on the Lendu plateau in the northern Uganda and Congo passing through the Rwenzori Mountains, western Rwanda and Burundi, to some of the isolated massifs along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

nyungwe forest Rwanda

The Albertine rift eco region is also one of Africa’s most endemic rich regions. Nyungwe also received the status of national park recently and also became the largest protected and was important to protect the forest reserve when you know that the highest population in Africa are to be found with in the Albertine rift and that the forest is the biggest water reservoir for the country.

This Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda covers 970km and has got a unique habitat, it’s the only place where we have seen the troops of many 300 colobus monkeys that travel in the trees. This national park has got 25% of the primates of Africa with over 13 recorded primate species and it’s also a private nirvana!

This forest has also got 300 species of birds with 27 albertine rift endemics and 21 forest species. The flora here is also rich with 200 species of trees and more than 00 species of the orchids. This national park has got an extensive network of walking trails which leads you through many waterfalls and the viewing points. Nyungwe also offers the scenic views over the forest, Lake Kivu and also in Virunga.

The primate fauna include; Rwenzori Colobus, Chimpanzees,  L’ Hoest’s monkeys, silver monkey, golden monkey, the owl faced monkey, red tailed monkey, Den’t mona monkey, vervet monkey, the olive baboon, and the grey cheeked Mangabey and the three species of bush baby. You will not find the mountain gorillas in Nyungwe, Rwanda gorilla safaris are only in Volcanoes National Park.

These forests are Africa’s Galapagos Islands surrounded by the golden monkeys, gorillas and the lustrous sun birds, by the giant Labelians, the everlasting flowers, the rwenzori turacos. These deserve the greater recognition, the protection and study than they have received so far.

This national park also extends for over 1000km across the hills of southeast Rwanda and is the largest Island of Montane forest that remains in East or central Africa.  Which is a rich and ancient center of the supreme bio diversity and diversity and the natural wonders. Divided by the surfaced road between Butare and Lake Kivu, Nyungwe is an array of forest that populaces are also exclusively accessible to the casual visitors.

Lately, rendered national park status, and Nyungwe is a celebrated park with rich variety of its fauna and flora. There are also 200 different types of tree are found with in the forest, along with many different flowering plants, including the wild Begonia, more than the 100 species of the orchids and the extraordinary giant Lobelias. Also of the large mammals, the primates are the most visible, with the 13 recorded species that representing 25% of the African primate checklist.

Nyungwe Forest Monkeys

Also of the great interest are also the Angola colobus pleasantly acrobatic arboreal monkeys that move in troops of the many hundred and over 500 chimpanzees and these are often seen from the forest trails in the rainy season. The other primates that can be met during the visit are the L’ Hoest’s monkey, silver monkeys, grey cheeked mangabey, olive baboon, as well as the red tailed monkeys.

Nyungwe is also the most attractive park for the primates; 13 species in total including chimpanzees which are the closest relatives to human beings, L’ Hoest’s monkeys and many Angola colobbus. The most vital ornithological site in Rwanda which is Nyuungwe and has over 300 bird species of which two of the dozens are restricted to much of the montane forests on the Albertine Rift.

The avian highlight of Nyungwe is also the great blue Turaco , this is also a outlandish blue, red and green bird that torrents from tree like a procession of the streamlined psychedelic turkeys. There is also a big network that is well maintained and a walking trail that leads through the forest to many waterfalls and the viewing points. There is a restfully rural rest house and good situated campsite that lies alongside the main road, and this reserve can be visited as a day tour from all towns of Butare and Cyangugu. This park also deserve much time especially for those that want to track the chimps and many smaller primates who will need two days there. More so, the dedicated bird watchers might also never want to miss a chance!