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Rwanda Safari Cost, Day By Day Prices, Tours for 2024

Rwanda is among the few African countries that implement a low volume yet with a high-cost tourism approach and has greatly invested in marketing it’s tourism with mountain gorilla trekking being the primary activity for holidaymakers on Safari in Rwanda. nonetheless there are number of other fascinating attractions within the country such as the Nyungwe National Park where primate watching can be enjoyed Akagera National Park popular for its amazing game viewing safaris, and then the adventurous City tours as well as cultural tours during which you will have an up-close encounter of the Rwandan people as well as get a detailed insight of the brutal 1994 deadly genocide that claimed thousands of lives when you visit the Genocide Memorial sites found across the country.

In this article we are mainly going to focus on the cost of a gorilla trekking Safari as well as the cost of a safari in Akagera National Park the primary attractions in Rwanda.

Rwanda safari cost

Cost of a Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

For many holidaymakers visiting this beautiful country one of the commonest questions to them ‘is how much does it cost to see the gorillas of Rwanda?’ Well, in simple terms there isn’t a set price for such a safari however every Rwanda gorilla tours itinerary has its unique pricing that is determined by a number of factors as we shall see below and these include: the cost of a trekking permit, transportation cost, accommodation cost in addition to other factors.

Rwanda gorilla trekking cost

Factor that affect the cost of Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Safari

Rwanda Hotels & Lodges Cost

It is very important to note that the cost of your choice of accommodation will greatly determine on how much the over Safari will be priced. Rwanda offers various types of accommodation options among which are some of the top-notch luxury facilities, the mid-range facilities and then the budget facilities. In volcanoes National Park which is home to the mountain gorillas, holidaymakers will surely find something that suits their budget and with the help of a trusted tour operator, you will surely have a place to stay. It for that reason that you are highly advised to take time and choose the right type of accommodation that suits your budget.

You may also opt to stay within Kigali City (which is about 3 to 4 hours drive) for budget friendly accommodation which may be as low as 100 US dollars per night, however because the trekking activity begins by 8 a.m. you should make transport arrangements that will get you there in time for the activity.

Cost of a Gorilla Trekking Permit in Rwanda

from May 2017 the Rwanda Development Board that manages the gorilla trekking activity in Rwanda doubled the cost of the gorilla permit from 750 US dollars to 1500 US dollars per person per trek, and anybody interested in engaging in this activity is required to have a permit irrespective of whether they are trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or the DR Congo. In comparison with other mountain gorilla sanctuary found in other countries Rwanda has the most expensive permits as the neighboring Uganda charges $800 per permit per trek, while the D.R Congo charges $450 per person per trek.

Gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda can easily be purchased either by directly contacting the Rwanda development board through their email – [email protected] or through any of your trusted local tour operators.

volcanoes national park rwanda

Rwanda Safari Transport

Most gorilla trekking safaris begin in Kigali Rwanda’s capital, and from the Kigali International Airport to Volcanoes National Park the home of the Mountain Gorillas it is about 3 hours drive. the packs can be accessed through various ways such as private transport arrangements say by using a that costs about $50 US dollars, alternatively you may opt to use public means such as a taxi however, these come with various inconveniences such as numerous stops along the way and these will only get you to the park entrance gate at kinigi and yet it is about 14 km from Kinigi to the headquarters of the park where the activity begins.

The most convenient way to access this park is through pre-arranged transportation services through your tour operator and this may take cost about $100 or less depending on the kind of vehicle you are going to use.

Cost of Portage service

From the park headquarters there are porters available for hire to offer services like carrying your luggage as you head out in the forest to look for the mountain gorillas. The porter services can be obtained at $10 per Porter. by using their service, you will be creating more employment opportunities as well as sustaining the welfare of the local people by earning a living from doing such jobs

Cost of a driver guide

in the overall price quotation of your safari that you will be given is the cost for the services of an English-speaking guide who will be available at your service full time from the start (Day 1) of your Safari which is on arrival to the point where you will be dropped off at the airport for departure flight as per itinerary. This guide will come in very handy as they will help you answer any questions that you might have regarding the wildlife, history and the culture and lifestyle of the local people.

rwanda safaris prices

Best time for gorilla trekking in Rwanda

generally mountain gorilla trekking is considered as an all year round activity however the best time to visit the gorillas is in the short dry season that begins in mid December to February or during the long dry season that begins in June to September. During these seasons the hiking conditions are fairly good compared to the wet rainy season, and there is low risk of catching malaria. In the long rainy / wet season that begins in March to May the rain is persistent and very heavy which consequently results into tough conditions for trekking mountain gorillas as the Forest trails are muddy and extremely slippery.

Cost of a Game Viewing Safari in Akagera National Park

the beautifully endowed Akagera National Park is home to the big five in addition to other animals and birds, and it is popular among holidaymakers interesting and seeing the rich fauna found in Rwanda. However there are a number of fees, government taxes and affiliated payments used to pay workers and maintain the national parks. persons visiting Akagera park can be categorized into three main groups and these are:  Rwandan and citizens of the East African community, residents of Rwanda and the East African Community as well as the foreign international visitors, and each of these categories is billed differently depending on the activities they are going to engage in among which are game drives, boat cruises, bird watching as well as camping.

akagera wildlife safari

 Akagera National Park Safari Cost

Below is a summary some of the charges livid unfasten visiting Akagera National Park

Park entrance fee:

Rwandan / East African citizens pay 7.5 US dollars and the children aged between 6 to 12 years pay 4 US dollar.

Foreign Rwanda residents / East African community residents pay 35 US dollars and the children 20 US dollars

International visitors pay 50 US dollars and the children $30

Vehicle entrance fee:

Each vehicle that enters the National Park is required to pay a certain fee depending on its size and its registration number plate. Rwandan and East African community registered small vehicles and mini-buses pay 12 US dollars while the omnibus and buses or overlanders pay between $20 and $24.

Foreign small vehicles and mini buses pay $40 while buses, overlanders and omnibuses pay 100 US dollars

Guiding fee in Akagera

For those interested in hiring a guide these are available at 25 US dollars for half day or 40 US dollars for a full day

Game drive fees

day time game drives are operated by the Akagera Management company for 180 US Dollars for a maximum of five (5) hours and this comes with a driver and a vehicle that can accommodate a maximum of seven people; and for the full day game drives it costs 280 US Dollars

Night game drives still operated by the Akagera Management company are 40 US dollars for adults and $25 for children

Fishing Trips

With your own equipment it costs 25 US dollars for adults and 15 US dollars for the children

Boat Trips

It costs 35 US dollars for adults and $20 for children for one hour. Sunset boat trips are 45 US dollars for adults and $35 for children

Camping fee

It costs 25 US dollars a person a night in a secure camping ground but with your own tent and other camping gear.

Community and cultural experiences

These come in various kinds and include different activities however they are charged 30 US dollars for adults and $20 US dollars for children.

Best time to visit Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park can be visited all year round however the most ideal time to visit is from June to September during the dry season when the vegetation is generally thin and dry offering you very rewarding views of wildlife. at this time of the year, it is easier to see the animals as many of them gather around the few water sources that remaining in a dry season.