Nkuringo Gorilla Trek Uganda Tours, The Nkuringo Gorilla Family Trail

Visit the Nkuringo Gorilla Family Group

The Nkuringo Group is among the most challenging treks within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

situated in South Bwindi within the Nkuringo Area


Nkuringo Gorilla Group:  Is among the larger groups within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and their Leader Silverback was the Nkuringo, however he passed away and the silverback Safari took his place.  This Uganda tour &  tracking-experience here is rather exciting and one requires being in sound Shape.  The Nkuringo Group as 19 members with 1 dominant male and 3 silver-backs!  You will encounter uncommon gorilla twins in this group which today are toddler.

The group is in general healthy with just a injuries sometimes from fights.


Nkuringo Gorup Members:

•             Safari the dominant silverback

•             Rafiki the 2nd silverback

•             Bahati the 3rd silverback

•             Kirungi the 4th silverback

•             Kwitonda an adult female

•             Mama Christmas an adult female

•             Samehe an adult female

•             Kasotora an adult female

•             Karibu a blackback

•             Posho a blackback

•             Christmas a blackback

•             Kwesima a juvenile

•             Magara a juvenile

•             Kuhirwa a juvenile female

•             Rwamutwe an infant

•             Muhozi an infant

•             Tabu an infant

•             Furaha an infant

•             Kiiza an infant



Visitors using their own cars should consider crossing the middle of the park from Buhoma park HQ through Ruhija (with the use of a four-wheel drive is essential). This ridge-top route provides vistas into deep valleys comprising untroubled Bwindi National Park rainforest.

Lookout for the duiker, primates & both forest and grassland bird species. At Ruhija, birders should take the 3 -hour hike to visit the Mubwindi swamp.Also Visitors may climb through the bamboo zone to find Afromontane vegetation & panoramic views towards Lake Bunyonyi & Mafuga forest.

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