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Rwanda Gorilla Permit in 2024,Discount to $1050, Booking, Cost & Availability

Information about trekking the gorillas of Rwanda and acquiring Rwanda gorilla Permits.

The Mountain Gorillas within Rwanda are among the major attractions that visitors see in Rwanda.  Mountain Gorilla Tracking / Trekking permits are a highly sought after item and with just a limited number of visitors permitted to track every day, it requires a lot of prior planning to guarantee an chance to track the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.

How To Acquire a Rwandan Gorilla Permit

Use a recognized tour operator

Its always easier to book your gorilla permit through a recognized tour operator in Rwanda. This is because safari companies provide much more than  just a permit. They will reserve your hotel, plan your visa, provide transportation and also show you other destinations within Rwanda. We recommend using a credible tour operator from our list here.

Contact Rwanda Development Board

If you are not interested in booking through a tour company, please contact Rwanda Development Board to help you get a permit.

Table on Rwanda gorilla trekking permits and discounts:

Permit Type Regular Price (USD) Discounted Price (USD) Discount Details
1 Day Permit $1500 $1050 Available Mar, Apr, May, Nov for non-residents if staying 2+ nights in Akagera or Nyungwe NP
2 Day Permit $3000 $2100 Available Mar, Apr, May, Nov for non-residents if staying 2+ nights in Akagera or Nyungwe NP
3 Day Permit $4500 $3150 Available Mar, Apr, May, Nov for non-residents if staying 2+ nights in Akagera or Nyungwe NP
4+ Day Permit $1500 per day $1050 per day Available Mar, Apr, May, Nov for non-residents if staying 2+ nights in Akagera or Nyungwe NP
East African Citizens $1500 $200 Available year-round
Rwandan Citizens $1500 $200 Available year-round
African Citizens $1500 $500 Available year-round
Foreign Residents in Africa $1500 $500 Available year-round

Visit More than one Destination in Rwanda

The best opportunity to acquire a Rwanda gorilla tracking Permit is to reserve a Mountain Gorilla Tracking-Safari for either a 5-day safari or it merged with a longer safari involving additional Rwanda National Parks like Nyungwe Forest National Park and Akagera National Park. Rwanda Development Board gives a Gorilla permit discount if you spend more days visiting other destinations in Rwanda. see more information on Volcanoes National Park Rwanda website.

Other Cheaper Destinations

A gorilla permit costs US $ 1500 in Rwanda, while in Uganda, u save US $ 900 when you track the Uganda gorillas.  You can still visit Rwanda but cross to Uganda to track the gorillas! One prominent company to help you with gorilla permits and tracking either side  is Wild Whispers Africa.

The cost of a Mountain Gorilla Permit is USD 1500 each.  One must be above 15 years of-age.  The Permits can be got for the

The majority of people partaking Rwanda gorilla tours and Mountain Gorilla Tracking / Trekking Safari really see them because the Guides are very knowledgeable about the place where the habituated group is.

On successfully completing the Tracking or Trekking-Safari visitors will be issued each with a certificate by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

rwanda gorilla permits

The US $ 1500 may appear a lot, however upon finishing there is nothing compared to the satisfaction of having encountered these glorious and uncommon giants.

Gorilla tracking is one activity that is worth visiting, its one thing that can force you reach and experience the beauty of Volcanoes National Park by trekking through the forest. has about seven familiarized gorilla groups that are visited by the tourist.

Gorilla watching in Uganda and Rwanda

The Mubare group was officially opened in 1993 for tourism and it comprises of about 6 members along with a sliverback.
The Habinyanja group was set up in1998 and it consists of 18 persons with about 2 silverbacks.

The Rushegura group has about 19 individuals and was set up for tourism in 2002.

The Nkuringo group has about 19 persons and was opened in 2004 for tourism.

The Nshongi group consists of 36 members with 3 sliverbacks and was ready for tourism in September 2009.

The Bitukura group has 13 members and was opened for tourism in December 2008.

The Kyaguriro group comprise of about 17 members.

Gorilla tracking is acknowledged as Uganda’s most wanted subsequent to tourism activity. It’s better to book in advance so that the permits can be reserved.

Gorilla tracking is a taxing activity and it needs people who are physically fit. Activities such as briefing and registration are done at Buhoma park office and Nkuringo begins at 07.45 and tracking usually starts at 8.30am.This activity may take a full day or few hours depending on where you will get the gorillas.

How To Trek The Gorillas Of Rwanda

The park has clear rules and regulations that must protect visitors and gorillas at large;

Infectious diseases such as diarrhea and flue are a problem to gorillas therefore a visitor with such diseases will not be permitted in the park.

It’s always better to view the gorillas at distant and in groups rather than surrounding them.

Its important to leave a distance of about 5m, this is just to leave some space between you and the gorillas. In case they are moving towards you, tend to move backwards.

Digital camera is most suitable and a flash is not allowed.

Take this very important, avoid eating or smoking around the gorillas, its better to leave a distance of about 200m.

In case you want to cough or sneeze, cover your month and move away from the gorillas.

When you get close with the gorillas, get rid of making fun noises or sounds. more still sudden movements are not allowed.

Do not little or spit on the green vegetation or soil once you are in the park.

Be time conscious because visiting the gorillas is strictly one hour

Age is very important; therefore people below the age of 15 are not permitted to track gorillas.