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African Safari Costs

African Safari Cost, Prices For Both Luxury and Budget Tours

The Average cost of an African safari is $ 200 per person per day. The costs can be lowered depending on accommodation, number of people, season and other factors. Below is the average African safari cost for parks and safari destinations.

Kenya Safari Cost From $ 200 per Day

kenya safari
This popular safari destination offers the best African budget safaris. It costs less to visit Masai Mara. Kenya has lots of camping safari options and its the cheapest option for any dream safari that you may desire.

Masai Mara National Park entry fee : US$ 80

Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara National Park is ranked number one African safari activity. The costs to see the migration is usually higher since its peak season. See the big five animals, enjoy a game drive, balloon safari and much more.

Amboseli National Park Entry fee:US$ 60

Enjoy the magnificent views of Mt.Kilimanjaro in company of elephants and other wildlife. Other activities include game drives, cultural tours and hot air balloon safaris.
amboseli safari

Lake Nakuru National Park Entry fee:US$ 60

Watch thousands of flamingos and other 450 bird species, Over 56 mammal species including lions, buffalo, rhino, Makalia falls and enjoy the incredible views from the Baboon Cliff and Out Of Africa.
lake nakuru safari

Samburu National Reserve Entry Cost: $ 70

Perfect for walking safaris and nature hikes, game drives, balloon flights and horseback safaris.
samburu safari kenya

Tanzania Safari Cost From $ 300 per Day

Budget Safari Cost from  $ 300 per person
Luxury Safari Cost from $ 700 per person

An African safari to Tanzania is like no other. From Serengeti national park to the Ngorongoro crater, there are many wildlife safaris that you can choose at a good cost. Tanzania is for everyone.

Serengeti National Park: $ 60

Watch the wildebeest migration in Serengeti, visit the Masai people and experience their culture, visit the Bologonja springs, the Lobo Valley and Moru Kopjes the lions pride.

serengeti safari

Nyerere National Park: $ 50

Formerly called the Selous Game Reserve, Nyerere National Park has the big 9. Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Hippo, leopard, African buffalo, Lion, Rhino and Elephant. Activities include game watching, birding, balloon safari and more.
nyerere safari

Lake Manyara National Park: $ 59

Famous for tree climbing lions and over 400 bird species. Day and night game drives, walking safaris, canoeing, boat rides and birding.

Ngorongoro Crater Safari $ 50

Over 26,000 mammals for game viewing, 500 bird species, visit Tanzania bushmen, view the crater, the cradle of mankind, lake magadi, Olmoti crater & the maasai herdsmen.
ngorongoro safari

South Africa Safari Cost from $ 125

Budget Safari Cost from $ 200 per person
Luxury Safari Cost from $ 500 per person

South Africa is one of the top destinations for African safaris, visit Kruger National Park, Madikwe Game Reserve, Cape town, and more.

Kruger National Park Safari Cost: R424

From game safaris to guide walks, mountain biking, eco trails, enjoy bush braai, golf, birding and visit the thulamela ruins.
kruger safari

Mala Mala Game Reserve: R16,000 (all inclusive)

Visit the largest private game reserve in South Africa. Its a big five safari destination, offers luxurious accommodation, lots of animals and birds.
Africa safari cost

Makidwe Game Reserve: R 180.00

Things to do include cultural tours, bush dinners, bird watching, game safaris, night drives, kids safari and more.
madikwe safari

Phinda Game Reserve: R150

Engage in walking tours, river cruises, zulu cultural experinece, scuba diving and more.

Uganda Safari Cost From $ 180 per day

uganda safari

Budget Safari Cost from $ 300 per person
Luxury Safari Cost from $ 700 per person

Uganda is the least crowded safari destination in Africa for both the budget safari tourists and the luxury ones.
Gorilla trekking of half of the mountain gorillas, over 1,000 species of birds, Murchison falls, Chimpanzees, white water rafting and more.

Bwindi Forest National Park : $ 700 (Gorilla Trekking)

The best gorilla trekking destination in Africa! Visit the endangered mountain gorillas for 1 hour in the impenetrable forest jungle, deep in Africa.

Murchison Falls National Park: $40

View the magnificent water falls, game viewing, boat cruises, nature walks, track the chimpanzees, cultural experience and more.
murchison falls safari

Queen Elizabeth National Park: 40

See the Ishasha tree climbing lions, watch variety of bird species, take a boar trip on Kazinga channel, track the chimpanzees and take hikes.
queen elizabeth safari

Kidepo Valley National Park: 40

Visit the top wildlife safari park in Africa, lots of animals, hike mount Morungule, Narus Valley, visit Nakangorok hot springs and more.

Rwanda Safari Cost from $ 250 Per Day

rwanda gorilla trekking

Budget Safari Cost from $ 600 per person
Luxury Safari Cost from $ 900 per person

Rwanda tops the list of the most luxurious safari destination in Africa. Visit the mountain gorillas of Rwanda at a fee of $1500 per person per hour. Take a game drive to Akagera National Park and see the chimpanzees of Nyungwe and Gishwati Mukura National Parks.

Volcanoes National Park:$ 1500 (Gorilla Permit)

Rwanda gorilla trekking cost $ 1500. Rwanda boasts of luxury accommodation hotels such as Bisate Lodge and Lake Kivu Serena.

Nyungwe Forest National Park: $ 40

Chimpanzee trekking, primate watching, forest canopy trips, nature guided walks and more in one of the oldest forests of Africa.
nyungwe forest safari cost

Akagera National Park: $ 50

See the lions of akagera and other animals, boat trips, fishing, culture, hiking and birding.
akagera national park safari

Gishwati Mukura National Park

See primates including Chimpanzee, and golden monkey, hike to water falls, birding and more in this most recent park in Rwanda.

Namibia Safari Cost From $ 230 per Day

namibia safari cost

Budget Safari Cost from $ 200 per person
Luxury Safari Cost from $ 600 per person

Wildlife safaris in Sossusvlei and other parks, see the Himba people, Fish river canyon, Epupa falls, visit Etosha National Park, enjoy the dunes, game fishing and more.

Etosha National Park: NAD 150

Watch lions, hippo, giraffe and more at the Etosha pan, Moringa and Okaukuejo water holes, game drives, boma dinner experience, cultural encounters and more.
etosha safari

Namib-Naukluft National Park: NAD 80

Its a joy to watch the sand dunes and wildlife on a horse back or a bike. Camping, bike tours, scenic drives and sand surfing.
namib naukluft safari

Skeleton Coast National Park: NAD 80

Lots of marine species, hike the ugab river trail, enjoy surfing see the oryx,brown hyena, giraffe, elephants, black rhino and lion.

Botswana Safari Cost From $ 220 Per Day

botswana safari cost

Budget Safari Cost from $ 300 per person
Luxury Safari Cost from $ 800 per person

Visit Okavango delta, Tsodilo Hilles, Khwai Private concessions, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Makgadikgadi and Xhai Pan, Moremi Game Reserve, enjoy the Kalahari desert.

Okavango Delta: From $ 150

African game safaris, mokoro ride, bush walks, river cruises, fishing, birding, horse back safaris and tours.

Chobe National Park: From $ 200

Best destination for African photographic safaris, bush walks, game drives, boat trips and fishing expeditions.

Moremi Game Reserve: From $ 220

Lots of elephants and other animals, birding, nature guided walks, traditional canoe tours, fishing, track cats and wild dogs and more.
moremi game reserve

Zambia Safari Cost From $ 220 per day

zambia safari

Budget Safari Cost from $ 250 per person
Luxury Safari Cost from $ 600 per person

Visit victoria falls, game drives, canoe trips on river Zambezi, Kasanka bat migration, birding, fishing, white water rafting and more.

Victoria Falls

See the largest waterfall of the world, visit livingstone Island, wildlife cruise on river Zambezi, zip lining, river boarding, elephant back safaris and more.
victoria falls safari

South Luangwa National Park

Best for bush camp experiences in Africa, game dries, birding adventures, walking trips, bush ride and visit the Mfuwe village.
south luangwa safari

Lower Zambezi National Park

See the Chongwe falls, paddle the Zambezi river, tiger fishing, walking tours and more.
zambezi safari

Zimbabwe Safari Cost From $ 180 per Day

zimbabwe safari

Budget Safari Cost from $ 210 per person
Luxury Safari Cost from $ 650 per person

Watch the Victorial falls, historical tours of Zimbabwe, see the big five animals of Hwange National Park, walking safaris and Mana Pools national Park, visit lake Kariba and hike the eastern highlands.

Mana Pools National Park

Activities include wildlife viewing, birding safaris, canoe riding, camping, lion tracking and guided walks.
mana pools safari

Hwange National Park

Wildlife adventure safaris, camping, horseback safaris, helicopter trips, birding, painted dogs experience.
hwange safari

Matobo National Park

Matobo is a park of leopards. Watch them feed on the rock hyrax. Other animals include the antelope, kudu and more.
matobo safari

The above are some of the estimates when it comes to an African safari per person but this does not mean that they are constant throughout as many safari companies have their own pricing and it varies.

East African Safari Cost : $ 200 per Day Per Person

east african safari

Visiting East Africa is something that most tourists do but more often than not, fail to explore more than one country. A safari involving say Rwanda and Tanzania can give you an opportunity to see the wildebeest migration in Kenya and gorilla trekking in Rwanda. This is one of the most sought after African safari holiday for the return visitors to Africa.

Budget Safari Cost in Africa

African tour

An African budget safari costs about $ 200 . Also note that some tented camps almost cost the same as luxury villas. Its Important to book off season if you would like to get a discount. A group tour will reduce the cost of your trip.

Luxury Safari Cost in Africa From $ 500 to $ 3000

luxury African safari

Luxury trips in Africa are dictated largely by the accommodation and safari lodges available in every destination. Most lodges or hotels within the park are often high end. Some private concessions are capable of that.

A safari is one of the best adventures that one can undertake in their lives. It is very memorable and safaris have been taken to the different destinations in Africa with a variation in cost depending on your destination and the activities that one is going to fulfill when they reach their safari. There are several factors that should be considered and that can affect the cost of your safari.

The good news is that there are safaris that can fit into everyone’s budget and all you need to do is research and find out which costs you are comfortable with and what you can afford. After getting the package that suits your needs, you will be able to enjoy your safari to Africa without a worry about costs.

Top African Safari Destinations & Activities Worth Spending Your Money On

  • Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park
  • Victoria Falls Safari
  • Great Wildebeest Migration of Masai mara & Serengeti National Park
  • Kruger National Park Wildlife Safaris
  • Visit the Okavango Delta in Botswana


Factors that determine how much your African Safari Will Cost

The costs of the different safaris in Africa can be determined by various factors. You will find that some safari trips are more expensive than the others and all this can be determined by many factors.

Most of the African safari costs are calculated in dollars and all these depend on where you are heading too but before you take that long awaited safari to Africa, you should know that there are additional
costs you should put into consideration before making a final budget for your safari.

Safari Accommodation

There are different levels of accommodation that every tourist is comfortable with and this will determine your safari costs. If you are more comfortable with the luxurious camps and hotels you are bound to spend more as compared to those that are comfortable with low accommodation as long as it has the basic necessities.

Days Spent On A Safari

african lion safari

The days spent on a safari impact on the safari costs. If you are spending more days on a safari and using the same safari company, you will end up spending less on your trip but if you are spending less days, the safari cost will be a bit high. Two weeks on a safari should give you better deals or large discounts if you are not in an expensive destination.

Your Safari Destination

Your destination highly determines the safari costs. If the places you want to visit are a bit far from the city center, then the cost of your safari will increase but if they are nearer, you will spend less. It should also be noted that the costs also depend on which region of Africa you are visiting that is either south, west or ease Africa.

The Time When You Want To Go For The Safari

if you want to spend less on your safari, book when during the seasons that the parks are not experiencing their peak season as the crowd will have lessened and the costs on accommodation will have reduced but if you book during the peak seasons, then be ready to spend more due to a hike in prices on everything. Always bargain for low season rates and choose a specific itinerary with everything inclusive.

The African Safari Activities

The activities that you want to carry out on your safari will also affect the safari costs. All the park tour guides and safari companies know that people are willing to pay extra for specific activities and thus will increase the costs of the safari according to the activities that you want to carry out during that specific safari. For example tracking the gorillas in Rwanda indicated a luxury safari where a permit costs $1500

The location of the accommodation

The location of the accommodation chosen on a safari will also affect the costs of the safari in a way that if the accommodation is far away from the tourist destination, additional costs will be added so that  transportation is catered for by adding costs.

Private Or Group Safari

If you want maximum privacy for your safari, be sure that you are going to spend more than those that are taking their safari with others.

African Visa Costs

The rules that govern visa acquisition depend on the Nationality and the destination of your safari. But all African countries charge for the visa and the costs vary. Although there has been an introduction of the
East African tourist visa where one pays 100 dollars for the visa.

Vaccination Before Safari Costs

There are some vaccinations that are necessary before you head out for your safari to Africa. Africa is known to be a malaria zone and when travelling you need to get the malaria vaccination. Other countries will also ask for the yellow fever vaccination and Hepatitis B beforeyou are allowed to enter the country. Some destinations require a covid 19 vaccine card or check up of negative tests at least 48 hours before arrival.

The Travel Insurance

When traveling to Africa for a safari, make sure you do not forgetyour travel insurance as this will help you when things go wrong while you are on your safari.

The International Flight Costs

The international flights costs drastically reduce during the school holidays and in order to enjoy more reduced prices of flying to Africa,you will have to avoid direct flights into the country as you will spend more than what you had budgeted for but still the flight cost remains an additional cost on a safari. Internal flights from one destination to the other are high.

African Safari Tipping

When traveling to Africa, make sure you save up for the tips that you are going to spend on your safari. These tips are given to waiters, tour guides and the room staff just as a sign of appreciation and make sure that at least they are smaller notes.

African Budget Safari

There are several ways that one can save on costs when it comes to a safari and some of these pointers i

african safari costs

Before you set out for a tour, make sure that your budget is slightly higher than what you expect to spend so that you are able to cover for abrupt payments with ease. It also helps when it comes to saving since you won’t spend money from your bank.

You can also pack s few snacks just in case you are tight on your budget to avoid being over priced when purchasing them in Africa.

If you are traveling alone, the best way to save is by booking rooms outside the parks because they are much cheaper than those that are located within the National parks.

If you want to save on costs during a safari to Africa then travel in groups. The larger the group of people, the less they will spend per day due to the discounts given, the shared costs on transport and accommodation.

All in all, it is better for everyone to know that the safari costs will keep on changing with time ant that they can never be constant. So when planning for a safari to Africa you should expect anything when it comes to budgeting and costing and it is advisable to also use a safari company than individual traveling when taking a safari because this will be cheaper.

Note that not all African countries are similar when it comes to safari destinations and this affects the costs. safari costs are portioned in a way that they accommodate the tourist and their needs and cater for all budgets.

The costing of an African safari normally depends on the time that is going to be spent on the trip and the activities to be carried out. And it is believed that the southern part of Africa safaris is less expensive as compared to the East Africa Safaris but the good thing is that they are all good destinations that are worth visiting. Therefore grab a bag and head down to Africa and experience the wonders of the world without a worry.