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How to Choose a Safari Company in Tanzania: A Comprehensive Checklist

Amboseli tourChoosing a dependable company for your Safari in Tanzania offers you a chance to get the very best out of Tanzania’s beautiful national parks of. Although a Safari is one of those must do activities in everyone’s life, it can actually go wrong in a number of different ways.

Tanzania has hundreds of different safari companies, and each of these will promise to offer you the very best yet not all of these can deliver. Well we bring you some of the primary guidelines you can follow to help you choose a good company for your Tanzania Safari.

Compare the Price Of The Tanzania Safari vs Quality Of Tour Operator

Even when comparing the same itinerary you will observe that the price quotation offered by the safari companies greatly differ among. The cheapest quotation will not be the best and be not surprised that the highest is also the same. So how do you deal with this? The trick is to look at the different activities you are going to do, where you’re going to visit and the accommodation you will stay in as per your itinerary. Focus on the price: quality ratio and where possible check out the prices of the individual accommodations and activities online to give you a better comparison with the price quotation give.

Look at the Tanzania Safari Company’s Resources and Setting

Always ask for the type of vehicles the safari company has to offer for your safari. Opt for nothing less than a four wheel drive car. In case you are traveling in a group, the company should be in position to offer each of you a window seat to guarantee uninterrupted views. Since you are going to spend most of the time on your safari in the car as you explore the parks, having a good comfortable car is very paramount.

Another important factor on you safari is having a good guide. Always inquire about the qualifications, experience and languages the safari guides the company is offering you speaks. He should be able to communicate in a language you understand as well as have several years of experience.

They should in position to acquire for you the necessary equipment needed for your activities as well as be properly licensed to conduct them such as hiking.

Prioritize on using a Tanzanian Safari Local Company

Sadly, nearly 60% of the safari-companies offering services in Tanzania aren’t locally owned and using such companies might have its own setbacks. Well its every traveler’s dream to see that their money profits the respective country they have visited. The advantage of using local companies is that usually these are more knowledgeable of the different roads, best wildlife-trails, and relate best with the indigenous people. They will offer you a real feel of the Tanzanian experience.

Double-check the Reputation of your Safari Company

Just as most online business there are always imposters so to avoid falling victim to these, please check the reputation of the company before conducting any transaction. Ensure that it is registered with the Tanzanian government. It should have a physical address, stable ownership and they should be in position profoundly answer all your questions. Check the various review websites as well.

Ask for references or Tanzania Safari Reviews

And finally, request the company to offer you a couple of references or past clients that they have dealt with. In case the company is not in position to do so, that is not a good sign. Also inquire about their permanent policy, cancellation as well as refund policies. These are all god pointers.

There are many tour companies in Tanzania, and most of these are commonly found in the Arusha and Dar es Salaam. Use these tips to find the best Tanzania safari company.

Wildebeest MigrationSearching for the safari reviews as well as recommendations, here you will find out what works and doesn’t work for a safari traveler.

  • Researching trip advisor, safari bookings, Fodor and other Tanzania safari resources to learn how, where, what and when to do an African safari.
  • Reviewing Tanzania safari brochures as well as flyers of various safari companies especially of that specific country that you are visit.
  • Selecting a Tanzania tour itinerary of the destination you are to visit.
  • Email accommodation choices as well as itineraries to different tour companies to consider policies on prices.
  • The Tanzania tour operator should be informed of the travelers’ personal issues, these include food allergies; heart condition, limited mobility, type of bed needed, motion sickness and many more. Here, the operator will advise the client in case a particular safari activity will not be carried out due to their personal issues.
  •  Making requests from the tour companies; these include; lodging recommendations, description of the safari vehicles, park recommendations, the main logistics of being on a safari and many more.
  • Determining how knowledgeable safari companies are about the particular destinations. The traveler should be in place to ask questions including; Have you visited country x? For how many years have you carried out safaris to that country?
  • Deciding whether the traveler wants to be part of a group tour or a private tour, wanting a large safari vehicle or medium size safari vehicle, want a well-known global tour company or a small one.
  • The traveler contact over 20 safari companies and receives many prompt replies which shows customer care
  • The traveler will then weigh the cons and pros of each of the safari company and then narrow the choices to two or three companies.
  • The traveler should vet the selected tour operators and check to see if the operator is reputable and a member of a professional organization. Like TATO – Tanzania Association of Tour Operators. F
  • Contacting references of all the previous safari participants. The traveler can ask about the negative as well the positive comments about their safaris. Ask if former clients would use the safari company If the answer is, ask why not?
  • It’s also known that a safari is so expensive and includes all inclusive room and board, transportation, international fares, airport transfers and a safari guide. You should be meticulous and examining the safari company.
  • Evaluating the safari information. This can be taken by taking a deep breath and having faith in the decision making process. Go on and select a company that is fit for the traveler.

Choosing a Safari Company in Tanzania

Recommended Top 3 Tour Operators in no particular order


Elephants Tanzania.

Small versus Large Tanzania Tour  Operators

Large Tanzania tour companies usually advertise so heavily in order to entice western tourists. Here, the company’s reputation is reliable and is of high quality especially for those who have been in business for many years. Many global tour companies offer safaris to other countries while the small tour companies offer wildlife tours to one or two countries.  Travelers are advised to fully check the reputation of the company before making a choice. Also check if it belongs to any travel organization. TATO which is Tanzania Association of Tour Operators as over 200 companies that are registered as members, for those interested in finding out the list of all the tour operators, hotels and the main national park information, Tanzania has got many tour operator websites to provide such information and it works for any tourist country as well as region.

Travelers are also advisable to take time and research about the tour company whatever small it is. They should check if the tour company belongs to any of the reputable safari organizations. Like the TATO, AUTO, KATO and many more.

Search for safari reviews of the safari company on the internet, in case you find that there are no reviews written in the past three years, visit Trip advisor Forum and get some help. This forum has no motives of answering advice and queries. Some of these are found in the travel industry and also sell services and will inform you of that immediately. Most of these forums provide key insights in the unknown and new destinations. All these are keen about the subject countries, and have a desire to encourage tourism growth.Cheetah, Tanzania.

A number of Tanzania safari companies in North America lack employees or even offices in Africa. These simply sub-contract their safaris to the different available local companies. After careful and considerable deliberation, the tourist selects a small tour operator that is found in Africa say in Arusha, Tanzania. The company then evaluates, visits and also has actual information about the national parks, lodges and camps as well. Here the local company gives attention to detail and also provides effectual expert services to the tourists. The service value here is superior and bespoke and within the small companies compared to the larger firms. Even so, there are a number of online appraisals from the preceding clients that persuade the new adventurers and explorers that the tour operator is the best choice for a Tanzanian safari company.