Rushegura Group

Rushegura Group situated in the Buhoma region in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The Rushegura Group (as well called the R Group) is among the larger Groups of Gorillas

Rushegura Gorilla Group was in 2000 habituated and later opened in 2002 for tourism within the Buhoma region for gorilla tracking.  This Rushegura is a fragment group from Habinyanja group.  It is extremely active within the Buhoma region and covers a broad territory – sometimes going to Batwa village, UWA park-office Bwindi Waterfall and even Buhoma Camp, and such sightings are normally a bonus. These move into the adjacent Banana groves at times. Currently There are 19 Gorillas within the Rushegura Group.

Rushegura Family Members:

•             Mwirima the dominant silverback

•             Kabukojo the blackback

•             Kyirinvi the adult female

•             Kibande the adult female

•             Buzinza the adult female

•             Nyamunwa the adult female

•             Karungyi the adult female

•             Kalembezi the sub-adult male

•             Ruterana a sub-adult female

•             Nyampazi a juvenile

•             Kafuruka a juvenile

•             Kibande baby a juvenile

•             Karungyi baby a juvenile

•             Kanywanyi a juvenile

•             Kyirinvi baby an infant

•             Buzinza baby an infant

•             Nyamunwa baby an infant

•             Kibande second baby an infant

•             Katabazi an infant

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