Masai Mara Safari Cost

Factors that affect the cost of a Safari in Masai Mara Reserve

The cost of a safari to the Masai Mara reserve is influenced by a number of different factors.

  1. Cost of  Masai Mara Accommodation

The Masai Mara offers a variety of accommodation facilities that offer different levels of comfort so the cost of accommodation will be highly determined by the choice of comfort you wish to enjoy on your holiday. They range from the comfortable luxury facilities to the mid-range facilities and then the affordable budget facilities. There are also private and public camping areas best suited for Budget travelers visiting the Masai Mara; these camping areas are safe. looking at the mid-range options of accommodation, this is mainly offered in small lodges as well as tented camps and they offer a reasonable level of comfortable Safari experience on the other hand the luxury hotels and lodges are best suited for holidaymakers willing to spend more and they offer great comfort and amazing service to all their guests.

  1. Park entrance fees to the Masai Mara National Reserve

The entrance fees that admit tourists into this National reserve defer from whether one is a resident or a non-resident with special discount being offered to the local Kenyan people. Children who are 3 years and below are not charged on entry however there are a number of other affiliated costs including the cost of camping as vehicle entrance fee as we have highlighted in the tables below.

A table showing Park entrance fees to Masai Mara National Reserve

Cost per person per day in US dollars
Category Resident non-resident
1. Adults 18 and above years $70 $80
2. Children 3 to 18 years $40 $45
3. Students $40 $40


Please note

The student fees apply to peoples of the age up to 23 years old and they should come with a valid student ID from their recognized institution of learning

A table showing camping fees In the Masai Mara National Reserve

East African Citizens East African Resident Non-Resident
Category Private Camping Public Camping Private Camping Public Camping Private Camping Public Camping
1. Adult KES  1000 KES  1000 KES  1500 KES  1000 $40 US dollars $40 US dollars
2. Students KES  200 KES  200 KES  500 KES  200 $20 US dollars $20 US dollars
3. Children KES  200 KES  200 KES  500 KES  200 $20 US dollars $20 US dollars

Please Note: the above rates are per person per day.

A table showing Vehicle entrance fees to Masai Mara National Reserve

Category Cost in Kenyan Shillings


1. 45 seats  and more KES  5000
2. 24 to 44 seats KES  4000
3. 13 to 24 seats KES  3000
4. 6 to 12 seats KES  1000
5. Less than 6 seats KES  400


Please note

that the resident rate is applicable to residents of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi however you will be required to show proof of your passport or national ID to prove  the status of your residence.


  1. Duration Of Safari

The number of days you spend on Safari is one of the key determinants of the overall cost of your Safari holiday in the Masai Mara. With regard to this, it is quite obvious that the more days you will spend on safari, the more costly your itinerary will be; a 3 day Masai Mara Safari is cheaper than a 5 Day Safari in Masai Mara. This is so because you will spend more on accommodation, an on the various safari activities as well as on the meals

  1. Activities you engage in

there are a number of activities that you can do in the Masai Mara game reserve and these are priced differently you are highly advised to pay close attention to the number of game drives and other activities included in your itinerary. While in this National Park if the overall cost of your tour is high then to get the best value for your money you should ensure that the number of safari activities that you will have are many as well.




1. balloon rides $450


2. bush dinners $60


3. Maasai Cultural tours $30 or more



  1. Guiding Fee and a Translator

Non-english speaking tourists are advised to book a guide that speaks your language and it’s with no doubt that this will increase the cost of your safari in Masai Mara. Having a guide will help you enjoy your safari experience as they will offer you all the information you need regarding the different animals, plants, history and culture of the people. An English speaking guide from the park headquarters costs about $20 per day while the luxury, professional guides who also serve as translators (for languages like German, Japanese, Russian, French and Chinese) may cost from $180 per day o more.

  1. Means of Transportation

The masai Mara National Reserve can be explored either using a Land cruiser or a 4 wheel drive Safari van. Although not as comfortable as the other option the Safari vans are the most budget-friendly and normally have a pop-up roof. On the other hand the land cruises which are open-air are more expensive but give clearer visibility and comfort and are best suited especially for those on a photographic Safari as the views are uninterrupted.

  1. Time of year to visit

The time of the year you choose to visit the Masai Mara National Reserve is another determinant of how much it will cost on your Safari. The peak tourist season also known as the high season begins in the month of July to October. Fortunately this coincides with the internationally renowned great wildebeest migration. At this time of the year thousands and thousands of holidaymakers visit the Masai Mara which increases demand on accommodation and other services leading to an overall highly priced Safari tours. For that reason holidaymakers who are budget travelers and are interested in visiting during this time of the year are best advised to book their Safari several months in advance as the safari tour prices tend to increase as the day of the tour comes close. Alternatively Budget Travelers are also advised to visit during the low tourist season which runs from October to December when the country is experiencing the short rains. At this time of the year there are few holidaymakers in the reserve and the prices are normally discounted since the tourist crowd is less however the game viewing wing will still be rewarding

  1. Cost of Meals

While staying at the lodges within and around the Masai Mara reserve, the price of food is generally fixed and normally higher as compared to when eating in restaurants. We however recommend that in case you have any special dietary requirements please inform the accommodation management prior to arrival. You should pay close attention to the section of ‘what is included’ to know what the cost of meals includes as some do not include alcoholic beverages. Packing snacks is another highly advisable thing to do when planning your safari

  1. Use Card or Cash?

During your safari in the Masai Mara, you will have an option of paying your bills using either a card or cash, however you should keep in mind that using international cards for withdraws attracts a number of charges / additional fees just as withdrawing money via an ATM. do not forget to inform your bank when traveling so that they are aware of your new location. Some places do while others don’t accept cards so inquire through your travel agent before traveling.

Best time to Visit the Masai Mara Game Reserve

visiting masai mara

The Masai Mara can be visited all year round since it offers very remarkable views of wildlife. However, to get a chance to see the great wildebeest migrations that includes nearly two million animals (such as zebras, wildebeests, gazelles and a large number of predators such as lions, hyenas and cheetahs that trail this herd), you can visit from the Month of July to October when the animals are within the reserve.

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